Six Tips for Moving In With Friends

Are you considering moving in with friends? It goes into detail on why it’s such a good idea and how to make sure it will work out well for everyone involved.

Tips for moving in with friends:

  • Have a conversation about what it would mean to live together. Decide where you want each person’s space to be.
  • Agree on how much rent will cost and who is responsible for what bills (e.g., electricity, internet).
  • Give yourselves room by at least one mile from any of your jobs or schools. Ensure that the commute isn’t too long, so you aren’t stressed out when you wake up in the morning and need to leave quickly! This could also get expensive if gas prices keep going up!
  • Figure out chores based on who does them best already – don’t try guessing because this doesn’t always work.
  1. Is Moving in with Friends a Good Idea?

Before you make the big step, you need to know the pros and cons of moving in with friends. You don’t have to look for a new place, and you’re not paying more rent than necessary. It might be hard to tell your close friend that they need their own space, or it could feel like work when you live together.

Planning means the move will go smoothly. Set up times where everyone can meet to know what’s going on in advance, and communication is clear. Ensure it is somewhere safe such as a community centre where people can stay during the day while waiting for things to get sorted. Arrange transport from one location to another with friends is easy and cheapest because you will share the cost.

  1. Money Matters

Whether you’re moving in with your partner or just a friend, it’s important to have an open conversation about money and finances. Ensure that the person living there is paying their fair share of rent so that everyone feels like they are contributing equally.

  1. Cleaning

One idea can be to create a cleaning roster. Especially it is such as a cleaning company can also be hired to come in and do the job for you. Creating a beautiful living space is far easier when two people are working on it together. Identify what items need to go first, then arrange them accordingly to avoid getting in each other’s way. Some experts may say not to mix your things with someone else’s, but this idea doesn’t strictly follow if everyone agrees. It just means that more time will needlessly spend sorting out who gets what at the end of an argument or break-up, which could happen down the line if personal belongings are mixed up beforehand.

  1. Sharing Work

Do they have a job that means they’re never around?  It may be a little uncomfortable at first to ask them to share, but it will make the moving process much easier. They can take care of their tasks during the day, and you’ll have more time in your evenings for something other than working or cleaning. Is there someone who is always broke? It might sound like they don’t want to contribute anything, so try not to be offended if they offer help with rent and utilities instead. This way, everyone has some responsibility towards the costs incurred each month and ensures that everything is taken care of properly before any bills arrive. You’ll also find out what kind of person they really are when faced with this type of decision because work or money issues will occur. Ideally, you and your friends are employed, at least to the extent that you can all pay your rent and the fair share of the living expenses. It’s worth having some understanding of your housemate’s work arrangements so you can cohabit better.

  1. Parties

One of the assumptions people make about moving in with friends is that everyone will want to party all the time. This is not often the case. In fact, someone who doesn’t drink or smoke might be uncomfortable with other people smoking around them. There are many reasons you should think about how your living situation will change before making any big decisions, and it’s important to consider all aspects so that everyone feels comfortable in their new home together. Some factors that may determine if moving into an apartment with friends is right for you? What does your lease agreement say? If there are stipulations on roommates, this could cause some issues when trying to move out because they would still have legal rights even though you’re just looking after it while they recover from their illness or go away for work, etcetera.

  1. You are Still Your Person

Living under one roof does not mean that you are tied at the hip. Even though you are friends and enjoy each other’s company, it’s important to remember that you still need personal space. It’s a good idea to have one room designated as your own so that it doesn’t feel like home is stepping on each other’s toes all the time and being constantly aware of what everyone else is doing 24/seven. If You’re Not Ready for Commitment, Consider House Sitting because some people are just not ready or don’t want to commit yet when living with friends but would love a sense of community. House sitting could be an option. For those who live in apartments without their own garden, this is a great way to take care of plants while also getting out from underfoot at home (especially if you’re renovating). Others may see it as a perfect opportunity to save money and time if you share with friends.

  1. Book Your Move With Professionals

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