Your Siding is as Important as your Roof

For many out there the roof is a distinctive architectural element of the home and is always top of the list to get redone and freshened up and then dressed in gutters and down pipes. The siding is often neglected, yet the siding is both structurally and aesthetically as important as the roof.

All the weather elements that affect the roof also affect the sides of the home, and while the roof is designed to take an onslaught from the weather, most siding is added as a beautifying element only or a finishing element. It is thus not as structurally sound as it should be and thus deteriorates rapidly, especially in any of the northern/cold-weather states.

. Below are some of the top choices that can be used for both the structural improvement and beautification of your home.

Wood has always been the preferred material to use and has proven to be both long-lasting and beautiful to boot. The secret here is to ensure that it is pressure treated and choose a sustainable and locally produced wood. Also, keep in mind that wood will need more maintenance in wet weather areas than some of the other materials mentioned below.

Vinyl is an easily maintained, long-lasting material that is now made using recycled materials and thus can be as green as or greener than a foreign-sourced wooden siding. It will, furthermore, stand up to the wet weather better than wood, yet will need additional insulation if it is to perform as well as the thicker, denser wooden siding. Although vinyl is still the material most used and most in-demand, it has also been subject to some recent price rises that you should be aware of.

Brick and stone are regarded as one of the best choices of materials. They will last forever if done right and will not need much maintenance. The thickness used and whether a cavity is left for insulation will depend on the weather in your locale. Many smart homeowners do is to increase the insulation on weather-facing sides of the home or thicken the siding accordingly.

Shingles have been a common siding in several parts of the US and further afield as well. Shingles provide a seamless continuation of the roofing and can provide a great weather guard. Shingles can also be made of most materials or colors, and they will thus provide a great range of choices for matching and couloir blocking.

The best siding companies in Michigan note that the structural component of the siding is perhaps more critical than you think and should be regarded as operating in partnership with the roof. The task it performs is exactly the same in terms of weatherproofing and insulation. The choices are endless given the globalized world we live in, and the secret is to choose according to both where you live, the positioning of your home regarding the weather, and prevalent wind direction. As aforementioned, the siding takes a battering from the weather, and  its removal and replacement is a costly affair, do it right once, and you should be able to have long-lasting beauty and peace of mind.