Outdoor Lighting Tips Ultimate Backyard Hangout

The days are warmer and it’s time to spend more time outdoors where you can de-stress and improve your mental health. Do you love relaxing in your backyard after a long day at work? Are you wishing your backyard had a little more pizzazz?

There’s nothing like a well thought-out backyard hangout for spring, summer, and fall evenings at home. There are lots of things you can do to create a gorgeous, inviting yard. 

One of the best secrets for dressing up your yard? The right lighting setup. 

If you’re wondering where to start, keep reading for some great lighting ideas for creating the ultimate backyard hangout!

Why Lighting in Your Backyard Hangout?

Lighting is great for setting a mood and it also keeps you from stumbling around in the dark. The twinkle of lights on a beautiful night draws you outside and allows you to stay out long after sunset. 

There are so many great options for lighting a space. The right backyard lighting turns your boring spot into a cozy oasis.

One of the best things about adding lights? It doesn’t have to break the budget but it will take your yard to the next level. 

Simple Canning Jars

Are you a beginner to outdoor lighting? Here are some lights you can make on your own in an afternoon. 

Use some canning jars, rust-resistant craft wire, and some sand to create your own magical fairy lights. They’re perfect for hanging or setting on tables. 

Take the canning jars and pour in some sand. You can use regular sand or craft sand in the colors of your choice. 

Wrap the rust-resistant craft wire around the mouth of the jar and cinch it tight. Attach a loop of wire to the existing wire on each side of the jar and make it whatever length you want for hanging. 

Put a small tea-light candle inside the jar. Be careful about where you hang them so there’s no fire hazard. You’ll love the magical quality of the candlelight hanging around your yard!

Want to amp up your candle jars? Hang them at varying lengths near each other and combine them with tiny fairy lights. 

For a Sophisticated Look

Are you glamming out your backyard hangout with some nice couches and pretty pillows? If you’ve got a covered area, you can take it a step up with a gorgeous chandelier. 

Hang a chandelier with a dimmer under a pergola, porch, or gazebo for a stunning look your friends and neighbors will envy. You can even turn an old chandelier into a candle holder if you don’t have electricity on your porch!

Path Lighting

Lights along your outdoor paths add beauty and function, keeping you from tripping when you’re on your way in and out after dark. You can install subtle built-in lighting underneath deck steps and hand railings. 

You can even install solar-powered path lights. Path lights come in many different shapes, colors, and styles so you can find something that fits your unique tastes. You can have solar lighting ideas from ligmansolarlighting.com. Solar lights illuminate our home since it gets a sufficient amount of energy out of the sun. 

Statement Lighting

Want to make a statement? Look for a signature piece that fits your style. 

Do you love modern decor? Carry your modern theme from inside to your backyard hangout with modern outdoor lights from Interior Deluxe. You’l find everything you need for the perfect outdoor lighting setup.

Whimisical and Fun String Lights

Another easy way for beginners to jump into the outdoor lighting game is through string lights. String lights add a whimsical, fairytale touch to any backyard hangout. 

Use string lights along a fence, under a porch, or in a gazebo. You can put string lights in trees or around bushes. 

A fun place for string lights is over a hammock or swing. You can plug a dimmer and timer into your string lights and put them on a remote, creating an even more magical effect. 


Do you have a beloved tree or other landscaping in your backyard oasis? A spotlight is a great outdoor lighting feature to showcase your landscaping. 

Place it underneath the tree and point it up. This ensures the light isn’t too bright in your hangout but brings out your yard’s best features when it’s dark. 

Would you rather have a less noticeable light but still have ample illumination? That brings us to another good lighting choice…

Well Lights

Well lights are similar to spotlights but they’re recessed into the ground. You’ll hardly notice them in the day but they’ll add a spotlight effect where you want it come nighttime. 

Well lights are perfect under a tree, favorite bush, or an outdoor statue.

Light Up the Water Features

Do you have a pool, pond, or fountain? You’re missing out if you’re not lighting them up at night. 

You can add underwater lights to almost any water feature. Another option? Floating lights. 

Pools look especially glamorous with floating lights. You can turn old palettes into floating holders for candles or battery-powered lights. Add some whimsy with pretty flowers or mini-lanterns for the candles. 

Paper Lanterns 

Do you have a covered porch or patio? Paper lanterns add a beautiful touch. Make sure they’re hung where they can’t get wet. 

Depending on your style, go with all white lanterns, a single bold color, or mix it up with different colors. You can also buy different sizes and shapes. 

Tiki Torches

Looking for an island theme in your backyard hangout? Use some tiki torches!

Citronella oil-filled tiki torches do double-duty as bug control and mood lighting. Put candle lanterns on the deck and end tables for the perfect ambience. 

Outside Lighting Creates the Perfect Backyard Hangout

Level up your backyard hangout with the perfect lighting! From high-end modern signature lights to homemade canning jar candle holders, the ideas are limitless. Once you’ve made you’re outdoor wonderland, you’ll want to spend all your time outside. 

Get started on your outdoor lights today!

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