Must have kitchen appliances

Kitchen is the heart of a traditional family home where all the magic happens. The delicious and aromatic meals, the smells of various spices and ingredients make it a magical place. However, like a soldier in the warzone, a kitchen should be equipped with the right tools and gadgets to prepare the perfect meals for your loved ones. The days of spending tens or hours by the stove and sink are over, machines are taking over and they have relieved us from intense kitchen duties. 

We all have different favorites when it comes to food. Steaks, French fries, or grilled mutton, to devour your favorite meals you ought to have the right appliances in your kitchen.  Below we will discuss top 3 appliances that you should have in your kitchen. These multifunctional and versatile kitchen appliances will give you the choice to prepare almost anything that you crave for. 

Indoor Electric Grill 

Having a grill is amazing unless it’s raining outside. Or it’s too hot or too cold to be cooking outside. You might run out of gas, or it’s taking a huge chunk of your backyard space. Or it’s not always wise to invest in an outdoor grill perhaps. 

You don’t always need a bulky, heavy, space consuming, to enjoy a smoky barbecue or whatever is that your heart desires. And that’s where indoor electric grills come into the arena. Use the Best Indoor Grills for Steaks, charred veggies, or anything of your preferences in the comfort of your kitchen without ruining your beautiful backyard. 


Rice Cookers

A rice cooker is thought to be a dedicated device for cooking rice but that is a misconception. Rice cookers are multifunctional, multi-cookers that perform a wide range of cooking tasks. A rice cooker is a slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, warmer that can be used to cook white rice, best meat thermometer, brown rice, quinoa, porridge, pasta, soup, yogurt, dessert, and you can bake a cake as well. 

Some of the advanced rice cookers are equipped with fuzzy logic and MICOM technology that enables the cooker to make some minor adjustments in temperature and pressure in order to give you ultimate results. It keeps the food warm for several hours, thanks to its keep-warm feature. That’s not all, you can delay cook with its hallmark feature of delay-timer. In short, you can cook whatever, however, and whenever you want. 

Air Fryers

Air fryers are small convection like ovens with highly concentrated heat source combined with a powerful fan that circulates super-hot air around the food in the air frying basket. An air fryer creates a nice ‘fried’ finish that no other appliance can compete with. 

It requires a small amount of oil or no oil at all to make crispy foods with fraction of calories and fat unlike a deep fryer where you have to dip the ingredients in a pool of oil. 

Although, air fryer is not an expensive appliance but, if you have budgetary issues you can find the best air fryer under 100$ price tag which is pretty affordable. 


The appliances described above can be of great assistance when you are hosting a gathering and you need to cook batch after batch of food and the food comes out delicious every time!