5 Landscaping Tips for New Homeowners

It goes without saying that congratulations are in order when you become a new homeowner.


So, what now? While a lot of homeowners have no problem with the interior decorating of their glorious new digs, what about the exterior decorating?

In other words, if you find the plants drooping and the lawn looking like it’s seen better days, there are a lot of things you can do — even if you aren’t a landscaping expert. Here are five landscaping tips for new homeowners to get your property looking fresh and beautiful again.

1. Research What To Do

Before you start loading up the cart at Home Depot, you might want to hit the pause button and do some research. What plants thrive in your area…and what do not?

Do some research online for the particular climate zone you live in first. Then discover what annuals, perennials, and everything in between will do great in your yard.

2. Plan the Layout

Hang on, there. We aren’t quite ready to bust in the Lawn & Garden section quite yet. Another great step to take is to plan the layout you want.

Hopefully, a new home comes with some kind of setup to begin with. But even if it doesn’t, you can still formulate a plan. Sketch out where you want your plants to go, and strive to add in pops of color here and there to really make it stand out.

3. Ask a Landscaper for Some Landscaping Tips

Are you a bit stuck on how to get those brown spots out of your lawn? Or just not sure how close to the house you should plant hedges?

Ask an experienced landscaper for some tips to get going with gardening ideas. They will likely have local knowledge about pests, insecticides, and other landscaping ideas that can help make your garden fit for the next issue of Home & Garden magazine. You can get ideas and good quality services from Eco-Design Landscaping for professional landscape designs.

4. Get Some Good Tools

Now that you are armed with the knowledge you need, you will require some good tools to get the job done right. Your basic shovel, trowel, wheelbarrow, watering hose, and garden gloves are always a good place to start.

And while some homeowners might balk at the price, investing in a good lawn mower can be the ticket to a lush green lawn. Regularly mow and water the lawn during the hotter months to keep it happy and healthy.

5. Be Patient

If you are new to this landscaping stuff, it will take time to get it right. Plants often have to grow into their new setting and lawns will not turn brilliantly green overnight.

So try to be patient with the process, and make it a regular process at that. A little bit of hard work with some scheduled landscaping maintenance will go a long way in turning your yard into a thing of beauty.

Enjoy Your New Home Both Inside and Out

New homeowners know that they have a list a mile long to accomplish when they first move in. And the work outside the home is no exception. Apply a few of these landscaping tips, and you will be sure to beaming with homeowner pride in no time.

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