Life’s a Beach for Property Buyers in Paphos

Have you always wished you could live on the beach? Perhaps you’ve seen what life could be like in TV shows? Does it look like everyone is surfing all day and generally enjoying life? Yes, life on the beach is as wonderful as it seems but everything has pros and cons, even the seaside. There are things you should consider and weigh up, until you start looking for a property for sale in Paphos.

Overall, beach life is an incredible experience. Imagine going to sleep every night to the gentle sound of the waves? You can also have your morning coffee with your toes wiggling into the soft sand. Furthermore, there’s something so delightful about opening the curtains and looking at the sea every morning. What color will it be today? Will it be choppy or calm? What mysteries does it hold? Whatever you see at Paphos, though, you can be sure that your mood will be uplifted by its calming or energetic, and yet enigmatic, appearance. 

Benefits of Living on the Water in Paphos

  • Festivals and entertainment 
  • Improved health 
  • Good investment 

Cyprus is an island and a country that offers so much. This explains why an increasing amount of visitors have been going for some years now. Not only can you enjoy a more leisurely pace of life but there are also some exciting things to do. The island offers many great museums and historical sites to visit. Besides, the five main cities offer everything from restaurants, nightlife to cinemas and theatres. 

Living on the beach at Paphos is also a healthier lifestyle. This is true regardless of whether you live on the waterfront in one of the cities or further along the coastline in a slightly quieter area. In general, the island still has a lot of space, so you can easily hunt out the right property for sale in Paphos that matches your needs. You’ll then benefit from cleaner air and the area for some long walks. Don’t forget all the extra vitamin D you’ll be getting from actually seeing the sun every day. 

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with Cyprus property on the beach. It’s usually a good investment because there will always be people who want to live on the beach. There’s something luxurious and exciting about living at the seaside. Think about all those dog owners who dream of watching their dogs running up and down the beach every day. 

Things to Lookout For when Living on the Water 

Everything has a flip side, and nothing is perfect. It’s really how you approach these things and what matters to you most. There are two main points you might want to consider and bear in mind when you choose a property for sale in Paphos, as follows: 

  • Property maintenance
  • The crowds 

Even with the Mediterranean’s mild weather, you can expect salt damage from the winds. The winters are pretty mild, with around 60 Fahrenheit temperatures, so you won’t need to worry about ice or snow damage. However, even the Mediterranean gets mild storms with the salty sea that splashes against your house. You might therefore find yourself having to repaint relatively regularly. Nonetheless, being aware of this and planning for maintenance means that this can all be hassle-free. 

Another point to note is that beaches attract crowds. The good news, though, is that Cyprus has a lot of space, so make sure you visit the island properly. Moreover, the city beaches will have more people, but the beaches in the countryside will be more secluded. Although, some people like to have more people around them with more party opportunities. The choice is yours. 

Trends for Beach and Waterfront Cyprus Property

  • The value of beach properties is increasing 
  • Slight current slowdown 

Cyprus has been increasing in popularity for the last 3 years or so. The beach Cyprus property prices are therefore starting to rise. Nevertheless, they are still relatively low and very reasonable, so you’re in a great position if you buy today. Indeed, you can be confident that your property will increase in value somewhat quickly. 

Despite the island’s attractiveness, there has been a slight slowdown due to the pandemic. Furthermore, the market slowed during the lockdown of early 2020, but it soon recovered after the restrictions were eased. Consecutively, the same trend is being seen now in 2021. Without a doubt, though, the long-term view of Cyprus property is very positive, with beach properties only set to increase value. 

Final Thoughts on Living on the Beach at Paphos

Isn’t it great when you can combine the positives of lifestyle with the sound investment? This is what a beach property can do for you. Not only will you live happier and healthier, but you’ll also make a good turnover from a property for sale in Paphos. If that’s not worth considering, then I don’t know what will be?