How to Select the Right Dahlias for Your Garden

Always select dahlia plants that are suited to your growing conditions. They need moist, well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. The recommended time to plant them is during October and December.

Dahlias are generally loved for their large, brightly colored flowers. But one does not have to stop at just one color. Dahlias come in a variety of shades and even mixed shades! If you want to type, make sure you choose plants with different colors rather than plants with many same colors.

This section will give you tips on how to select the right dahlias for your garden.


It is essential to know the climate in your area before you go about picking dahlias. You should also take into consideration that some dahlias are perennials while others are annuals.

Type of soil

The type of soil you have is an essential factor, as some dahlias require well-drained soil, whereas others need moist soil. You may get some of the dahlias.

Check plants in your garden.

 You can considere whether any other plants in your garden might be interfering with the growth of the plants you want to plant.


When selecting dahlias size is one of the best factor to check. You need to understand the size of the plant. Some of the dahlias may grow up to 5 feet tall; you need to put them in the right place in your garden.

For taller dahlias, you will need to stake for you to manage the chore.

Most of the garden tends to get flowers at some point. When you get dahlia which grows for almost 18 niches, you will use them as a perfect container. You can find dahlia tubers for sale here.


Dahlia has different colors, and choosing the right one may be beneficial for you. Even no problem if you grow the color of the blooms, which look like black. 

Other Factors to consider 

Know about dahlia diseases 

The most dangerous for dahlias are not attacks of pests but damage to invisible viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Plants are naughty at resisting: blackleg; rot; powdery mildew. Blackleg is a disease of young animals. Its symptoms are outwardly noticeable. The stem of the bush turns black and thinner. Prevention plays a vital role in the fight against the causative agent of the blackleg. Before planting seedlings, disinfect the soil by soaking the hole with a solution of potassium permanganate at a concentration of one percent.

Reproduction by tubers, storage

Dahlia tubers are planted with their eyes upward in pits to a depth of 10 cm. They need space up to 40 cm in diameter. After the first frost, towards the end of October, the tubers are dug up. If you are late, the buds will sprout, and the plant will die. Dahlia tubers are washed with water, dried, and stored in a dry, dark room with a 3 – 5 ° C temperature. They are either put on a box with sawdust, sand, and peat. Those dahlia tubers for sale put in bags with the same mixture, wrapped in newspaper, or covered with paraffin. 


This article, we discuss a lot on how to choose the right dahlia for your garden. You need to pay attention to those factors mentioned above and many more. 

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