Exploring the Advantages of Tiled Roofing

If you’re contemplating whether to use tiles for your next roofing project, then you’re reading the right article. In this piece, we’ll reveal the advantages of tiled roofing. The information shared in this piece should convince you to select this material. With that said, let’s begin…

Tiled Roofing: A Timeless Choice for Your Home

If you are looking for quality roofing material that will last for a long time, tiled roofing is a good choice. It has been in use since some millenniums back, and it is still as valuable as it was then. This is because when the materials are installed properly, especially by professional roof tilers, they are guaranteed to last for centuries. Many centuries-old, tiled roofing still exists in good condition to this day. 

Another reason it is a timeless choice is because of its ability to retain its beauty and colour. This is unlike asphalt shingles or wood shakes that lose colour and even shape after a while. This durable quality ensures that even after many years, your roofing won’t look old but retain its regal look. 

Why Tiled Roofs Stand the Test of Time

As we said, tiled roofs can last for centuries. Why is this possible you might ask? The answer lies in the fact that they are very resistant. Here are some elements this material is resistant against:


Tiles are regarded as Class A resistant. This is both as a system and a product. Therefore, even if a fire burns your home, the tiled roof will remain unscathed. 

High Wind

The position of a roof means that it will have to face high winds. High wind speed has led to the destruction of many types of roofing. When it comes to roofs made from clay and concrete tiles, they can easily resist 150 miles per hour wind speeds. As such, they cannot be easily destroyed by high wind. 


Roofs have been known to suffer damage from hailstones. If you install a tiled roof, you can rest assured that golf-ball-sized hailstones won’t break your roof. Clay and concrete tiles usually undergo hail resistance testing. 


A good number of roofing materials wash over time as a result of rain. Rain doesn’t affect tiles this way. Therefore, even if you live in a region that experiences lots of rainfall, the roof will still maintain its original look and condition in years to come. 


Certain roofing materials can easily be damaged by insect infestation. Therefore, it is advisable for individuals who live in an area known for such infestations to invest in tiled roofing. Doing this will ensure that you don’t suffer the same fate as others who failed to install tiles for their roof. 

Additional Advantages

Durability is not the only advantage of tiles as a roofing material. There are other advantages that homeowners who choose this option will enjoy. Here are some of them…

Beautiful Colours

When you use tiles to roof your building, you get to enjoy a distinct style that is very beautiful. The variety of colours and profiles offers you an unending possibility of decorative choices to pick from. There are multi-coloured, dark shades, and light shades. Therefore, it’s easy to pick a colour that matches the building’s exterior colours. 

Versatile Styles

When roofing materials are ranked in terms of versatility, tiles come out on top any day. You can mould concrete and clay tiles to look like shingle slate, chipped stone, or wood shakes. It can even be moulded into s-shaped and barrel profiles. 

As such, it can be used for any architectural style. You can visit https://www.homestolove.com.au/ to learn how to identify your home’s architectural style. Therefore, unlike other roofing styles that conform to an architectural style, tiles are very versatile. 

Energy Efficient 

Tiles are perfect for all geographic areas and climates in regard to their thermal properties; they are efficient in reducing heat gain or loss. This is because of the space under the tiled roofing that traps natural air thereby creating a heat transfer barrier. As a result, the home is made warmer during winter, and cooler during summer. With tiled roofing, 20% of your energy costs can be reduced thanks to the amazing thermal properties of tiles. 


Roofing made from petroleum-based materials is not considered sustainable because it depletes natural resources. This is one of the reasons many are searching for sustainable alternatives and tiles are one of such alternatives. There are two main reasons why tiled roofs are regarded as sustainable. 

First of all, they don’t use up the natural resources and lack preservatives. Secondly, they can be easily recycled. The production wastes can be recycled and used again for manufacturing. This is not the case for the wastes of other materials that are usually sent to a landfill. 

Concrete or clay tiles may likely pass the LEED certification qualification. You can read this to learn more about what the LEED certification is. This global green building rating system approves highly efficient building products. 

As we said earlier, these materials can be manufactured in a wide range of colours. As such, some of these colours fulfil the ENERGY STAR requirements and/or are Cool Roof rated. Therefore, they can easily reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat compared to standard roofs. 

Wise Investment

Given the longevity of this material, it’s a no-brainer that installing it is considered a wise investment. The value you get for the amount you pay for the purchase installation (although quite expensive) is well worth it. If you choose this option, you’ll enjoy all the advantages and benefits we’ve discussed so far in this article. 


Tiled roofing has been in existence for thousands of years, and it is expected to remain for many more. This is thanks mainly because of its durability, versatility, and wide range of advantages it has over many other types of roof materials. If you are thinking of purchasing and installing this house roofing, we can assure you that you won’t regret it. It’s an investment that the next generation will still cherish.