Living In Brookhaven, GA: 2023 What You Need to Know!

With a total population of 54,902, Brookhaven is counted as a suburb of Atlanta. One of the most desirable areas to settle in all of Georgia is Brookhaven, which is located in DeKalb County. Is Brookhaven, Georgia, a good place to live? The majority of people who live in Brookhaven own their houses, and the neighborhood has a feel that’s a blend of urban and suburban. There is an abundance of nightclubs, dining establishments, coffee shops, and parks in Brookhaven. The population of Brookhaven is generally liberal-leaning, and the neighborhood is home to a large number of families as well as young professionals. The Brookhaven public schools are significantly better than the state average.

Brookhaven, Georgia, is a community that is both lovely and prospering and that has both pros and cons to living there. The constant emergence of brand-new developments, businesses, and activities for the neighborhood as of 2023 demonstrates how rapidly this city is growing. Find out everything you need to know about living in this interesting city, whether you’ve been a resident of Brookhaven for a long time or are thinking about making the move there. And if your decision is to relocate there you should contact local movers in Brookhaven. Utilize a professional moving company if you want your move to Brookhaven to proceed without a hitch. They will transport your possessions to your new residence with care and in a timely manner to ensure a stress-free move.

Location and Transportation

The location of Brookhaven is among the most desirable aspects of this neighborhood. Brookhaven is conveniently located just to the north of Atlanta, and it is only a short drive or train trip away from all of the city’s facilities, including shopping, entertainment, and cuisine of the highest caliber. On the other hand, in contrast to the frenetic activity of Atlanta, the ambiance of Brookhaven is much more relaxed and suburban. Life in Brookhaven is an excellent option for those who travel to work each day. Because there are two MARTA train stations in the city, traveling to downtown Atlanta as well as other parts of the city is very convenient. In addition, it just takes a few minutes to drive to major highways like I-85 and I-285 from Brookhaven, which makes it convenient to travel across the metropolitan area. 

Housing Market

The Brookhaven real estate market is sizzling as of 2023. The cost of properties is going up, yet they are selling quite quickly. Those who are interested in purchasing or renting a home in the city can still choose from a large number of available possibilities. The communities of Brookhaven are well-known for their picturesque qualities, including tree-lined avenues and big homes. In Brookhaven, one can choose homes that suit their aesthetic preferences and financial constraints, ranging from cozy bungalows to expansive estates. For individuals who are seeking a more budget-friendly choice, the city also includes a large number of apartment complexes and townhome communities.


Is Brookhaven, Georgia, a good place to live regarding education? The DeKalb County School System, of which Brookhaven is a part, comprises several schools that have received very excellent ratings. The school system provides its students with a variety of educational options, such as career academies, gifted education programs, and magnet schools. In addition, the school district places a significant emphasis on STEM education, and several of the schools in the district offer programs in robotics and engineering. Among the prestigious schools in Brookhaven, which is a popular destination for families looking for private school options, are Marist School, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School, and St. Martin’s Episcopal School.

Parks and Recreation

The town of Brookhaven is home to a number of aesthetically pleasing parks and other leisure places. Playgrounds, hiking paths, and a lake that may be used for fishing and boating make Murphey Candler Park a well-liked place for families to spend time together. Another wonderful choice is Blackburn Park, which features a swimming pool, tennis courts, and picnic spots. Peachtree Creek Greenway is a multi-use route that runs through Brookhaven and will one day connect the neighborhood to the BeltLine trail system in Atlanta. This trail is also located in Brookhaven. The Greenway is a wonderful path for walking, running, or cycling, and it provides stunning vistas of the natural scenery that surrounds the path.

Shopping and Dining

As of the year 2023, Brookhaven is rapidly becoming a popular location for shopping as well as dining. The city is home to a number of shopping complexes, one of which is called Town Brookhaven. This shopping center is home to a variety of businesses as well as restaurants and entertainment venues. Another well-liked place to go shopping, The Village at Brookhaven features posh boutiques and hip eateries all in one convenient location. Brookhaven is an excellent spot to call home if you have a passion for good food. The city is home to a diverse range of restaurants, from chic bistros to laid-back cafes, and the industry is growing here. There are several options available, but some of the more well-known ones are the Haven Restaurant, the Valenza Restaurant, and the Brookhaven Farmers Market.

Community Events

The town of Brookhaven is well known for the lively community activities that it hosts. The city puts on a variety of festivals, concerts, and other events during the course of the year that serve to bring the community closer together. The Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival, the Brookhaven Arts Festival, and the Brookhaven Beer Fest are three of the most well-attended annual events in the city. Is Brookhaven, Georgia, a good place to live? In addition to these major events, Brookhaven is home to a diverse collection of community groups and organizations that provide citizens with chances to get engaged in the community. There is always something going on in Brookhaven, from opportunities to volunteer to various social clubs and gatherings.

Final Thoughts

Overall , Brookhaven, GA is a wonderful place to live, offering a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and city conveniences. With its prime location, excellent schools, beautiful parks, and a thriving community, Brookhaven has a lot of things to do for everyone. Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree, Brookhaven offers plenty of opportunities to thrive. With a booming real estate market, now is an excellent time to consider making Brookhaven your home. So, if you’re looking for a welcoming and vibrant community to call home, look no further than Brookhaven, GA.