How to Repair Scratches in Hardwood Floors?

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People tend to maintain their wooden floors after they get their hardwood floor installation by a professional. And, this maintenance can help retain wooden floors for a long time. However, even with the best care, it becomes challenging to avoid scratches on the wooden floors. This article tells you how you can remove small and large scratches.

Wooden floorboards, also known as parquets, give an attractive look and good ambiance with their elegant look. However, an outdated wooden floor that has not been adequately cared for can show scratches over time. There are ways and home remedies of how you can repair such spots in the parquet. We’ll show you how to remove small and large scratches on the wooden floor easily.

Remove Small Scratches on Oiled Parquet

Minor scratches quickly appear on the parquet. These can be caused if you glided something over it or your child used a sharp object while playing. In addition, the floor often feels dull. With hard wax oil, you can repair such areas relatively easily. You may have to sand the edges with sandpaper beforehand lightly. Then apply some oil of your choice to the scratched area on the wooden floor and work on it evenly with a soft cloth.

You can also use home remedies such as coconut or olive oil to tackle minor scratches on the darker wooden floor. To do this, you have to push the coconut oil against the scratch on the floor. The oil will work as a polish against the floor. You can also apply the olive oil to the scratch with a soft cloth or a cotton ball again. Baby oil also gives a similar effect.

Repair Deep Scratches on Oiled Parquet

For deeper scratches on the wooden floor, treatment with parquet oil alone is not enough. You can fill in larger cracks or scratches with a repair wax. When choosing the wax, be sure to pay attention to the wood material and choose the color and type of wax that best suits the original parquet. 

Most repair kits contain different colored wax that you can mix and match to find the right color for your wooden floor. In this way, you can also reproduce the grain on the parquet.

Before filling the scratches, you have to heat the wax with wooden floor wax melting equipment until it becomes hard fluid and then drizzle it over the area. It is usually included in the repair kit. For correct use, we recommend that you take a look at the guide that comes in the kit. If you think you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

What Helps With Scratches on Varnished Parquet?

Basically, lacquered wooden floor or parquet is very resistant and hard-wearing, but at the same time very elastic, so that the protective layer does not tear so quickly. However, it is not rock hard either. If something heavy falls on the varnished wooden floor, larger scratches or cracks can occur, moisture can easily penetrate within. It breaks the floor and can cause unsightly discoloration.

If you have discovered such scratches on your furnished wooden floor, usually only a full-surface treatment of the floor will help, and it must be completely sanded off before any further treatment. Since a lot can go wrong when sanding parquet, you’d better leave this task to a specialist company.