Common Issues Faced During Water Filtration

Water is one of the essential parts of our daily lives, due to which many times we do not stop to consider where it is being sourced from or how the quality of it is.

Water filtration is the process of removing impurities from the water. It filters out all the undesired impurities from water. Water filtration takes place on a small as well as large scale to provide you with clean water. 

The concentration of contaminants such as suspended bacteria, algae, parasites, particles, viruses, and fungi is reduced during the filtration process. To help you understand better, we have listed down some common issues faced during water filtration. 

Why is the Water Filtration Process Important?

It is impossible to determine the cleanliness and quality of water through our naked eyes based on just the appearance. There are several tests that have been developed to examine the contamination levels. Water filtration is essential because it gives people access to clean water free of contamination, the taste is good, and it is a reliable source of hydration. The main aim of water filtration is to prevent water-borne illness and diseases and give you a healthy lifestyle. 

How Water Filtration Systems Works?

For the majority of people, drinking water comes from a treated supply that is safe to drink. Still, it often has features like unpleasant tastes and odor from chemicals like chlorine used to disinfect the water and keep it free of germs and bacteria; that is why it is vital to have a water filtration system at your home. A water filtration system protects your family from unwanted water-borne diseases and lowers the pH level of the water you drink.

About Water Softener

A water softener is a whole house filtration system that removes hardness from the water supplied to your house through a process called ion exchange. A water softener deals with the most prevalent water problem is hard water. 

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Problems Caused by Hard Water 

  • One of the most significant problems of hard water is mineral build-up, which decreases the working life of your appliances, plumbing problems, etc. 
  • Hard water results in difficulty while cleaning.
  • Hard water makes soaps and detergents less effective during use. 
  • Hard water results in hair problems that lead to hair fall and damage.

This is the reason why besides a water filtration system, a water softener installation at your home is equally essential to prevent these problems from affecting you. Especially when you are in Houston, it is essential to have a water softener installed at your home because of the tap water quality because it is completely dependent on rainwater which either falls in Crosby’s stormwater system or lake Houston. 

However, due to heavy rainfall during floods, the water mixes with all kinds of oil, pesticides, garbage, etc. 

Trust Your Ideal Water Installers

So it is very necessary to have a water softener installation from a trusted company like Clean water solutions who aims to provide the best water supply for you through their water softeners and water filtration systems. They work to give you a healthy lifestyle, so contact Clean water solutions today and protect your family from unwanted diseases without a second thought. 


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