How to Organize Your Home the Right Way

A recent study found that 55% of Americans reported feeling more stressed in 2020. Your home is one place where you shouldn’t feel stressed.

If that’s not the case for you, it may be time to change how things are organized inside of your home.

Keep reading below to learn how to organize your home. We’ll provide tips on how to clear out items, make a solid plan, and ensure you’re following through with the changes. 

How To Organize Your Home? Declutter First

Getting rid of clutter in your home will instantly transform your space. 

The problem is decluttering a home can be overwhelming for some people because of sentimentality. They may need to hire a professional to help. 

Expert organizers recommend a three-step process: assess the situation, create a plan, and execute the plan. Ultimately, you should stick to your plan and take emotion out of the equation. 

Create three piles where you separate items by whether you want to keep them, donate them, or throw them out. Depending on the size of your organizational project, you may need to hire professional junk removal as well. It’s easy to request a Dumpster rental.  

Consider These Home Organization Ideas

Once you have sifted through all of the items in your three piles, the next step is to put everything back under a new organizational system. You’ll need a new system to prevent it from going back to the way it was. 

The important thing is to devise a system that you know will last based on your lifestyle. Be realistic about what you can and can’t do. 

Home organization can be done on your own or you can purchase products that help you get the job done. Here are some home organization tips:

  • Purchasing chairs or couches with storage
  • Add floating shelves
  • Attach hooks to cabinet drawers
  • Start using bins in your refrigerator or pantry
  • Use baskets for miscellaneous items 
  • Consider additions to closet storage systems
  • And many more!

 Click on the link above to see the full list. It may be wise to start small with organizing and work your way up. 

Change Your Behavior To Keep an Organized Home

The last thing you’ll need to worry about is changing your habits when it comes to straightening up your house. This can be challenging if you have a large family or small children, but you should make sure everyone lends a hand to keep things organized.

Get into the habit of putting things back where you found them. You’ll also want to make sure to regularly go through “junk drawers” or other containers that quickly fill up with random items. 

It may even be helpful to create a schedule for every member of your family to know what they are responsible for. 

Ready To Get Organized?

We hope you learned a lot about how to organize your home after reading this blog. The best advice we can give is to create a logical plan and not to feel overwhelmed by the process. 

Do you want to read more about organizing your home? Or have you planned a renovation? Check out the rest of our site for home improvement tips on painting, installing carpets, or hiring a contractor.