How to Make Your Home Cozier and Toastier This Winter


You can do many things to stave off the cold weather – particularly this winter when we have just experienced one of the heaviest blizzards ever recorded! And the experts are saying that the season isn’t over yet. Expect more snow, ice, wind, and rain – and we’re just getting started. While there’s not much we can do if we have to go outside, we can make our homes a comfortable and luxurious haven even if there’s a winter storm. You can still make the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom a lot cozier and more comfortable with the following tips. Here’s how you can make your home cozier and toastier this winter. 

  1. Make use of warm lights. 

We all know the days get shorter in winter, so we need lighting to warm up dark spaces. You can create a warmer and cozier ambiance by incorporating fixtures that exude a softer glow – for example, instead of using harsh overhead lights, you can place a floor lamp in the corner or table lamps and turn them on once it gets darker. You can also rearrange your lamps and lighting fixtures so they can provide extra illumination for a cozy reading nook or spot. If you want a subtler glow, you can opt for semi-opaque lampshades to allow for more diffused lighting or switch to LED bulbs with warmer colors. 

  1. Get warm under the blankets. 

There’s nothing cozier than snuggling under the blankets, so don’t forget to ‘throw’ in the throws! Choose an assortment of throws you can place on top of the sofa, bed, armchair, bench, and so on. Choose knits for the most comfortable throws (and they look nice and attractive, too). You can add more flair to your home by going for blankets and knits in patterns and colors that go well with the seasons. If it’s winter, for example, go for warm reds, browns, and oranges. And don’t just go for knits – bring out the big guns, like sheepskin covers and heirloom quilts – and gather around the fireplace on a chilly evening and have some hot cocoa. 

  1. Have your furnace checked 

While it’s important to add layers of lighting and throws to snuggle up in the evenings, don’t forget one important thing – and this could very well be the most important thing of all! Has your furnace been checked at the beginning of each season, particularly during winter? When you have your heating and cooling system checked, you will have peace of mind – and you can stay warm and toasty all winter without worrying that your system will break down. A good heating and cooling Aurora, IL company like McNally HVAC can ensure that your system works properly and efficiently. They will check if there are any potential issues and will address them before they become worse. 

  1. Hang heavy drapes and curtains

Another thing you can do – and it makes your home look more appealing – is to hang heavy drapes and curtains in thicker, heavier fabrics. The drapes can keep the rooms warm, preventing drafts and making them more elegant. Then pile on the pillows and cushions in the living room, bedroom, and dining area – they will match with the throws, and you can even put them on the floor for a more relaxed, bohemian appeal. 





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