How To Keep Fitted Sheets From Coming off Bed

Don’t you hate when your bed sheet is always off of your bed? I mean, I do! And, I know there’s a lot of people who hate this situation just like I do. Are you wondering how to keep fitted bed sheets off the bed ? We can know from this article

I know it really sucks! When you are all comfortable on your bed and suddenly this happens or when you’re trying to fit the mattress in your fitted bedsheet and it keeps coming off, I feel you, man, I feel you. In this article, we have answered your question and given a few solutions that can help you to fix the issue.

Get Your Measurements Right:

When you are in the shops buying a bedsheet, make sure that you are buying the right size bed sheet for your bed. This is one of the main things you forget before buying sheets, am I right? I know I am. It’s time to change get your sticky notes and write down that you need to measure the bed dimensions before buying a fitted bedsheet. How to measure bed for bed sheets?

All you have to do is measure the length and width of the bed mattress you’re buying a sheet for. It’s always the best idea if you buy the fitted sheet a little bit bigger than the mattress that way you will be able to fit the mattress in the sheet easily. Did you write that? I hope you did.

How to Fix:

Bought a little short bed sheet for your bed already? Too silky to stay on bed? Well, you can always buy belts that can hold your bed sheet on the place. You can also pin the bedsheets on places to secure it but this method will create homes in your sheet which can be damage to your bed sheet if the bedsheet is really short. Pinning short bedsheets in place can cause major tears in bedsheets as well.

Also, you can get mattress protectors which are cheap and efficient and it can really help you to keep the sheet protected and prevent it from slipping or coming off.

Sewing Machine Trick:

It’s time to get creative! Get your sewing machine out and create handles on every side of the mattress this way you’ll be able to hook the sides to the mattress easily. While you are sewing make sure to double stitch the hooks for extra sturdiness.

Get Flat Bedsheets:

Trust me, my friends if you are still wondering about fixing the shorty fitted bed sheet you got and thinking about how to keep fitted bed sheets coming off the bed just get flat bed sheets. Flatbed sheets are best for beds. The flatbed sheet comes with different sizes, colors, and patterns. Personally, I really love flat bed sheets and bed sheets for a purple mattress cause purple mattress bedsheets are easy to clean, easy to lay on the bed, and really easy to keep in place. Nothing is Working?

Hmm, Nothing of the above is working? Want to give up already? Then do it! Find yourself another room to sleep or sleep on the plain mattress. Geez! if you’re reading this part you are lazy! What’s making you lazy though? Get up, and measure yours. Go to the shops and buy yourself a perfect fitted sheet or a flat sheet I have just suggested.

Don’t wanna go? Then sleep on the couch or sleep on the floor. Make a cite nest for yourself. Her those Christmas lights out you know! Get a little crafty till you feel like getting ready to go to the shops the next day. Stop worrying it’s okay to feel lazy, it’s okay to give up it’s okay. Have something of your favorite snack hope into your blankets and have a nice rest.

Read This Before Going:

Sorry to stop you here, but please, read this before you are going to leave this article. Overall it is possible to fix the fitted sheets with protector, belts, and pins but it’s always better if you buy the fitted sheets after measuring your mattress first. That way you’ll be able to buy the perfect fit for the bed.

There’s always another option flat bed sheet. Flat sheets are easy to clean and use so if you’re looking for a bedsheet with a large variety of colors and patterns you can go for the flat sheets. And thank you for reading the whole article and have a nice sleep on the floor or couch I guess and you can get from this article a clear concept about it.