How to Improve the Appearance of Your Driveway

Your driveway is the first thing that people will notice when they come to your house.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so it is a good idea to make sure your driveway is looking its best.  This is often an area that is neglected though as you tend to spend more time in your home or in the back garden.  Your front space can be in need of an overhaul before you know it. Here are some ideas and top tips to improve the appearance of your driveway.

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A General Tidy Up

Simply tidying up your driveway can make a huge difference to its appearance and once you have started you will find lots of ways to keep going and stay on top of making sure it is clean and tidy.  This is a good starting point, as you can plan your front of house design and any other jobs that need doing to the front of your home from here. 

Firstly, remove any clutter from your driveway such as leaves excess mud, or unwanted items. Trim any grass or hedges and do some weeding. This will improve the appearance of your driveway immediately and you may be surprised how little time it takes to do this. Once you have finished, you will feel invigorated and motivated to continue your good work.


You should now start to get a better idea of what improvements you might want to carry out. For example, a lick of paint might brighten up your front porch.  Or perhaps you will want to hire a driveway company such as to improve your driveway.

Now that you have made the area tidy you might be surprised at how much space you have to the front of your home.  Creating a bigger driveway may be an option now and it is certainly worth considering this.  You may have children who are coming to an age where they are learning to drive and will want their own cars.  Perhaps you have a lot of visitors to the house and they need to be able to park easily.  There is usually a good reason to make your driveway bigger and carrying out this work could increase the value of your home when the time comes to sell up.


Flowers and shrubs are an important feature in your driveway, especially if you want the area to look green and lush.  If you want to maintain some privacy at the front of your house, you could consider planting some hedges.  These can look softer than  fencing and they are easy to install and maintain. in your driveway. 

The flowers you plant should fit in well with the rest of your home.  If you want your outside space to look bigger then plant flowers and shrubs in different sizes as the lack of uniformity will make your eye see the space as being larger than it is. 

Follow these tips to improve the appearance of your driveway and be the envy of the neighborhood.

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