Best Mattress For Insomnia

Many people have problems with insomnia.  This is hard on your overall health both physical and mental.  Sometimes it is just a temporary situation due to stress and way too much on your mind.  But even as a temporary issue, it makes it hard for the person to feel rested and to function normally the next day.  Other times it is a longer-lasting situation and requires medical treatment from a sleep expert.  Finding the best mattress for insomnia can help the person to relax and get a better night’s sleep.  There are a few things that a person can do to help them relax and get more rest.  They are not always easy and most require self-discipline and self-control.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that many people suffer from causing them to not be able to fall asleep.  They may not be able to stay asleep once they do fall asleep and then they may wake up early and not be able to go back to sleep.  This can take away the quality of a person’s life from being groggy and tired the next day to cause them to fall asleep.  In severe cases, this can cause people to lose their jobs because of the inability to function normally.  Any steps that can be taken to help a person with insomnia get a better night’s sleep is a positive thing for this person’s life.

What Can Cause Insomnia?

There are many causes of insomnia, some of them very simple and many of us can fall into them without even realizing where we are taking ourselves.  It can be something simple as our work schedule.  We all go through periods of stress in life from a temporary needing a new car and not sure how to afford it to something more long term such as a death of a loved one.  There are many things that can cause insomnia:

  • Stress temporary or long term
  • Schedule that is off from your normal biological clock
  • Poor sleep habits 
  • Medical conditions such as sleep apnea and acid reflux
  • Chronic pain such as back or leg pain

Treatments For Insomnia

There are treatments that can help insomnia, from the simple art of changing your sleep habits to seeing a sleep specialist.  A sleep study can be completed, showing if you need to sleep with a CPAP machine to help keep your breathing regulated as you sleep.  Finding a comfortable mattress that gives you the proper support and pressure relief can also help you to improve your insomnia.

Finding The Right Mattress

Finding the right mattress that can offer you the comfort and support that you need for a good night’s sleep can also help you to improve your insomnia.  This can allow you to stretch out on your mattress at night and comfortably drift off to sleep.  There are many different choices on the market and matching the right mattress with your sleep requirements, can give you the best mattress for insomnia.

Purple Hybrid

The purple reputation has made this mattress one of the most popular in the Hybrid mattress category.  With the use of special polymer in their design, the thicker the polymer in the Purple designs the softer the mattress is.

Cover – The cover is designed from spandex and polyester creating a soft, stretchy, and breathable

Comfort – The comfort layer is designed as a grid and is made from hyper-elastic polymer.  This gives you a bouncy, supportive, and cool layer that helps to offer pressure relief and comfort throughout the night.  

Transition – The transition layer offers a layer of polyfoam that will gently lower you down onto the layer below it.

Support – The support layer is primarily made up of pocketed coil springs.  These pocketed springs offer a bouncy feel and support and will help to keep you lifted up on top of the mattress instead of sinking down into it.  

The purple Hybrid mattress seems to rank in a bit above the average firmness.  This mattress would seem to work well for sleepers that mainly sleep on their backs and stomachs.  It appears to offer quality pressure relief and support for a good night’s sleep.  The motion transfer of this mattress can be felt across the mattress.  This may not be the best choice for couple sleepers, especially if one is restless.  


The Casper mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in the foam combo mattress categories. It offers pressure relief and comfort without too much sinkage.  

Cover – The cover for this mattress is made from a knit polyester blend.  This makes it breathable and stretchy.  This allows it to move with you as your reposition on your new mattress.

Comfort – The comfort layer is made from a layer of aerated foam.   This allows a cooling element to this mattress and a slow response to pressure that will slowly allow you to sink down into this layer giving you quality pressure relief at your hips and shoulders, keeping you in proper alignment.

Transition – This transition layer offers a layer of zoned memory foam.  This zoned foam gives your body more support where it is needed.  The firmness of this layer is softer on your shoulder area, where it is firmer at the hip area.  This gives additional support and pressure relief where it is needed.

Base – The base of this mattress is made from a thick layer of high-density polyfoam.  This layer offers shape and support to the entire mattress.  

The Casper all-foam mattress seems to offer a medium firmness.  This seems to be a good fit for back sleepers because of the zoned pressure relief.  This could also be a good selection for side combo sleepers because it allows easy movements when changing positions.  It is also ranked as a good mattress for sleepers with back pain.  The motion transfer of this mattress does a good job of isolating the movements across the mattress.  This would be a good choice for couples, especially when one is a restless sleeper.

The summer of 2021 brought the US the hottest season on record, breaking previous records set in 1936 (NOAA). With rising temperatures and individual factors making so many of us sleep hot, we created a resource to help people beat the summer heat. 

Our medically reviewed guide discusses the causes of sleeping hot, ways to stay cool when it’s hot outside, and tips on sleeping cool throughout the year. You can read it here: 


The Zenhaven is one of the popular choices that people have made in the latex foam category.  This mattress offers quality pressure relief and comfort for many sleepers.

Cover – The cover of this mattress has been woven from organic cotton and quilted with an organic New Zealand wool.  This offers coolness and softness from the first touch to your mattress.

Comfort – The comfort layer of this mattress has been designed with a layer of soft, antimicrobial Talalay Latex.  This latex is known to be smooth and soft to the touch and offers added comfort to this mattress.

Core – The core layer is made from two layers of Talalay Latex that have been pressed together.  This offers a bounce and support to keep you from sinking too deep into the mattress.

Comfort 2 – This layer is the second comfort layer of this mattress.  It is made from a layer of more supportive latex.  This offers a quality alignment of your body letting the heavier areas sink where needed.  

The Zenhaven mattress is a flippable mattress and can be slept on both sides.  This mattress offers a coolness provided by the latex and the design.  One side offers a bit more firmness than the other and gives the sleeper more options for a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.  The softer side would be a great choice for side sleepers, while the firmer side would offer great support for back and stomach sleepers.  The motions transfer can be felt throughout the mattress and may not be the best choice for couple sleepers especially when one is restless.  This mattress also offers a coolness for the sleepers that seem to have a problem with night sweats.  


When searching for the best mattress to help to beat insomnia, there are many things that need to be considered.  Finding the mattress that works the best for you by offering the comfort and pressure relief that your body needs is one of the most important.  If you go to bed at night and can not get comfortable, that is a sign that the mattress that you are sleeping on is not the right mattress for you.  This alone can help to create insomnia for you.  Back pain is a very big cause of not being able to get comfortable and that alone can keep you from drifting off to sleep at night. 

According to Orthomattress finding the right mattress that supports your sleep style and position should make you feel very supported and comfortable when you crawl into your bed.  The motion transfer is very important and if you sleep with a restless partner could keep you awake and add to your insomnia.  Your partner could even be the pet that moves around a lot and keeps you awake.  Select your next mattress on the support and comfort that you need for a good night’s sleep and see how much help that gives you when you are fighting insomnia no matter how severe.


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