How To Effectively Hide And Protect Your Pool Pump and Filter

For many people, their home pool is their crowning achievement. Pools are not an inexpensive addition to the home, therefore, you want to take care of it and its components. Today, we are going to discuss why a pool pump shed is essential to keep your expensive pool equipment in pristine condition. 

Why It Is Essential To Have A Pool Pump Shed 

Many people believe that a pool pump is rather durable and would not need any shelter from the elements. However, while they are durable, they can only withstand so much. They still need protection from rain, hail, snow, and falling debris. Additionally, why would you want something like a pump ruining the natural beauty of your pool? Pumps can also create a hazard around the pool as children get excited and potentially fall over the pump. Regardless of whether you have an above ground or below pool, you want to hide and maintain all essential parts a safe and effective distance away from the main pool area. While your pool pump is an essential part of the pool, there is no need to see or hear it. If you need a pool pump shed, visit The Shed Man

Pool Equipment Shed Design 

The type of material you choose for your pool shed is going to depend on how much of a budget you have, yet all the designs are an incredible choice. You want to consider what is going to work well with the already surrounding area and decor as well as year round. It is best to invest in a durable and good looking shed that is going to be able to cover up the pump as well as the filter, chemicals, tools, and other equipment and toys. You should also consider the following factors: 

– The building should be properly ventilated to keep out moisture. 

– The equipment should be easy to access and maintain. 

– There needs to be sufficient room to make repairs on the filter and pump. 

– Have room for pool chemicals that will avoid oxidation contact with metal equipment. 

– The ability to expand the room for future supplies or possibilities. 

Ventilation in your pool shed is a key element to avoid moisture problems. 

The size of the pool shed is also a very important component. You need to have enough room to allow for not only service of the equipment but expansion down the road if you see fit. 

You should also have a separate area for the chemical to reduce the possibility of oxidation to metal equipment. Chlorine chemicals even when left in sealed buckets can rust metal found on heaters, pumps, and filters. 

You can not fully enclose a heater or heat pump. This type of material needs to have proper air supply and ventilation. If they are fully enclosed around the sides, ensure that the top is open to the sky for proper venting. 

Depending upon the type of budget you are working with, you have many ways of hiding pool equipment. You can be as basic as you desire or use your imagination and come up with a lavish design that helps to set the mood and ambiance of your backyard playground. However, it is best to always consider the general climate and style of the region in which you live to create something practical as well as fun. 

Hopefully, this is going to get your creative juices flowing and you will get some ideas about the best pool equipment enclosures. Whether you choose a simple wooden enclosure or go all out for a luxurious pool cabana, you will be able to hide and secure your filter and equipment properly and safely.

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