How To Create A Pet-Friendly Home

Whether you’re a new or experienced pet owner, you want to ensure that your pet lives a comfortable and healthy life. One way to do that is by providing them with a pet-friendly home. It’s almost the same as making necessary house changes when you welcome a newborn baby. So, before bringing them home for a family introduction, make sure your house is ready to welcome your furry pet.  

Your pet may be prone to some hazards if you don’t prepare your house to be pet-friendly If you’re unsure where to start, this article is sharing with you a few tips to help you create a pet-friendly home for your new furry friends:  

Avoid Carpets And Rugs 

If you used to have carpets and rugs in your flooring, it might be best to avoid using them around the house. The best type of flooring is textured tile flooring or hardwood flooring, if you have pets in the house. Having rugs or carpets around will only make pet hair and dust accumulate in them and eventually cause allergies and other respiratory issues to you, your pet, and your family members.  

Change Your HVAC Filters More Frequently 

If you’re living alone, you probably clean up your HVAC filters occasionally. However, HVAC maintenance for pet owners is a different story, because you’re living with your pets. You can expect that your HVAC filters will not only be filled with dust but also with pet hair.  

Therefore, you must change or clean your HVAC filters more frequently to prevent clogging. Otherwise, a clogged air filter will damage your HVAC system and eventually put you and your pets at risk for poor indoor air quality. Make it a habit to check your HVAC filter every 20 to 30 days and clean it when necessary.  

Place Fragile And Breakable Items On Higher Areas 

Most pets tend to be playful, and you can’t help it if they’re too curious that they carelessly bump into objects, even the breakable ones. To save yourself from picking up on broken items, it’s best to place all the breakables in higher areas. These may include vases, picture frames, wine bottles, and glasses.  

But for pet owners who have cats, it may be best to keep your fragile items inside a closed cabinet. Cats are quick climbers, and they love exploring higher areas. You might also want to consider investing in a cat tree to discourage your cat from climbing into your tall furniture. 

Display Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants 

As beautiful as having those indoor plants around the house, you might be surprised to know that many of them are actually dangerous and poisonous for your pets. Keep in mind that some pets are fond of playing and biting random objects, including plants. To prevent plant poisoning with pets, make sure you only display pet-friendly plants like areca palm, spider plants, and parlor palm. 

Use Trash Cans With Lids 

Pets have a powerful sense of smell, and they can easily smell the food scraps or that toxic chemical you throw out in your trash can. Leaving your trash cans open with no lid might encourage your pet to dig into your garbage bins and eat expired food, consume an indigestible item, or drink a toxic chemical. As much as possible, keep your garbage bins covered and use trash cans with tight and sealed lids. This will discourage them from sniffing and lingering around your trash. 

Avoid Open Wires 

Most pets love to chew random stuff when they’re bored. Leaving those wires hanging around or lying on the floor could tempt your pet to chew on them, putting them at risk of getting electrified. Find ways to tuck those wires and cables away and conceal them, you can tape them at the back of your furniture, and get cable protectors to prevent them from randomly chewing them. 

Avoid Light-Colored Upholstery 

Whether you like it or not, your pets will join you in lounging on your couch or in your bed. It might be best to avoid using fabrics, upholstery, or sheets with light colors, especially white, to prevent pet stains. Consider investing in a faux leather sofa as it’s easier to clean and odor-resistant.  

Dedicated A Special Space For Your Pet 

Part of creating a pet-friendly home is giving your pet a special space for themselves, the same way you provide bedrooms for each of your family members. You can assign a particular corner in the room and fill it with a comfy dog jacket, blanket, a pet bed, toys, treats, their food and water bowl. If the space permits, you can dedicate one whole room for them.

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Whatever home designs you prefer, make sure to consider your pet’s needs and safety. After all, your home is also their home now, which means you need to treat them with the same care and love as the other family members. Start with these tips and help your pet live healthily, safely, and comfortably with you.  

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