Garden Parasols and What Weight Base Needed (Guide for Beginners)

A garden parasol is highly recommended during the summer season. The parasol is more like an umbrella or shade that protects the folks from scorching sunlight. The garden parasol can be placed over patio tables, chairs, or over children’s playing areas to provide them with the best shade and protection from heat and extreme sunlight.

If you are interested to know about garden parasols then continue to read more in our article as we have explained the detailed buying guide for garden parasols for the users who want to opt for this beneficial garden component.

The following are the major types of parasols commonly used

Common parasols 

The common parasols are the one that consists of a linear or a straight pole that runs in between the middle of the patio table and consists of a heavy base that provides the stability but you need to buy the basic independently. The height of the shade may fluctuate as you can lower or raise it accordingly and many come up with a hand tilt feature.

Cantilever Parasol 

These are umbrella-shaped and are often curved down. The arm of the cantilever parasol is curved or tilted over the garden furniture to provide shade. These can also be tiled and have a base attached to them.

Wall-mounted Parasol 

These are very handy when you have little or no garden space but still, need to look for a shady spot to sit down and relax. Such parasols come with no base or poles but are directly attached to the walls to provide shade.

The Colors of the Parasols 

The color of the parasols entirely depends on the user’s choice of taste and the garden furniture. Well if you have already brought down the furniture then you might want to buy a shade that goes well with your garden stuff. The parasols can be cream color, brown or neutral bright colors such as red, blue, or green. The majority opt for green color parasols but it is no compulsion for everyone. Choices are users.

Sizes of the Parasol

Well there are certain options and these are as listed below and you can search for these over

  • If it’s a two-seater area the size of the parasol can be 2m but if it’s a four sitting area the size can be 2 to 2.3m
  • For a six-seater the parasol size can be up to 3m but for eight-seater it can be up to 4m or plus
  • For 10 seater it can be above 4m high

The Typical Weight Base One Needs to Look for are

  • if the parcel size is 2m the base needs to be 9 to 10kgs
  • Well if it is 2.3m then the weight base needs to be 12kgs or above
  • For 2.5 to 2.7 the weighted base required is 15 to 20kgs to be exact
  • And for 3m or above the weighted base must be till 20kgs or can be high as well

How to Select The Accurate Size and Weight?

For convenience, we have listed the accurate sizes and weight bases that match each other accordingly, however, we must know one thing for sure that weight base is important to keep the parasol pole and size stable and this goes out for all types especially the huge cantilever style parasol.

Well for a small parasol that is less than 42mm and passes through the center of the tables the weighted base needs to be 15kgs for accurate stability and convenience. The rest measurements are discussed above according to the sizes of the parasols.

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