How to Clean up the Attic: Tips & Tricks for a Hassle-Free Home Inspection

The attic is the perfect place for your old and unwanted belongings to live on. It’s an isolated area, with limited access from other parts of the house, so it can be a great hiding spot for items you would rather not see or know about. It’s also relatively unoccupied most of the time, so there’s no need for constant maintenance or cleaning like there would be in a basement or crawlspace. If you have an attic that needs some TLC, this blog post is for you! Read on to learn how to clean up the attic and prepare it for a home inspection.

Move furniture and boxes out of the way

First things first, you need to move all of your furniture and boxes out of the way so that you have a clear path in and out of the attic. You must do this so that you don’t walk into walls while you work, and so that you have plenty of room to access all areas of the attic. To move your furniture and boxes, you’ll have to first remove them. Using a tape measure, measure the length and width of the attic and mark the boundaries with tape. Next, find a large enough space to make room for your furniture. Once you have the extra room, you can begin moving everything else out of the way.

make room for your furniture
Move furniture and boxes out of the way

Clean vents, skylights, and light fixtures

If the attic is crowded with old and unwanted items, then the vents, skylights, and light fixtures are probably clogged with dust and debris. As stated by, dusting these areas can help to increase ventilation and improve airflow in your attic, so it’s a good idea to tackle these first.

  • Vent cleaning. A dusty attic is likely to have a lot of cobwebs and dust trapped in the air ducts. Vent cleaning will help to reduce the amount of dust that’s being trapped in these ducts and improve the amount of air circulating in the attic.
  • Skylight cleaning. A dusty skylight can actually cause more damage than a dusty attic. Even a small amount of water will cause extensive damage, so it’s crucial to clean it first.
  • Light fixture cleaning. Dust and debris can build up in light fixtures over time, which can prevent them from functioning correctly. Dusting these fixtures and cleaning the lenses can improve the functionality of the lights in your attic.

Dust every surface
Clean vents, skylights, and light fixtures

Dust every surface

Next, dust every surface in the attic. You don’t need to dust the ceiling, but you do need to dust the walls, floors, and insulation. You can use an air duster or a vacuum with a dusting attachment if you have one.

Clean up dust mites and take care of mold

If your attic is dusty, there’s a chance that the dust is actually attracting dust mites, which are tiny insects that cause allergies and asthma. If this is the case, then you’ll need to clean up them and take care of any mold that’s growing in the attic.


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