How to Buy Furniture Online Without Regrets

After browsing hundreds of websites and online marketplaces, you finally found the right table. You started imagining how it’s going to match the walls and the décor. Until the day it came to your house, and things turned out differently.

Don’t give just yet on buying furniture online. Such a disaster is avoidable if you follow these tips from experts:

Get to Know the Store

Would you instead shop in a dingy warehouse or a fresh-smelling and well-lit showroom? We’re not saying that decisions must be based on store appearance. However, trustworthy retailers often invest hard in their web design. Unscrupulous operations rarely put the effort in constructing a beautiful and user-friendly website. Check out their affiliations and certifications and if in doubt, confirm these with the issuing organisation.

Pro Tip: Steer clear of too-good-to-be-true deals. While you want to find a bargain, you also want to get a long-lasting piece. Those massive discounts could mean cheap productions or knockoffs.

Be Prepared

Determine your requirements before actually shopping:


Measurements are critical because they tend to be the most difficult to alter in furniture. Measure and write it down. Repeat the process twice to be sure. If you’re shopping for a dining table, be sure to leave a 3-foot walkway around it.


How much would you comfortably spend on this piece of furniture? Add some more amount to cover shipping, insurance, and assembly. If you’re going to assemble it, what tools will be needed?


Finishes add personality to a room. Would you prefer a velvet-soft surface or a grainy one?


The style is primarily influenced by the appearance of the room where you intend to place the furniture. Is it cabin-inspired? Industrial? Ultra-modern?

Narrow Down Your Options

DAR furniture rental expert, Karina Wolfin says, “There’s an overabundance of options for all types of furniture nowadays. The options can easily overwhelm you. Don’t hesitate to narrow it down to 3-4 reputable sellers that offer the style and finish within your budget and required dimensions.”

Ask for Samples

Rejoice if your candidate stores are willing to send samples! This is a smart way to be sure of your choice. While most reputable furniture retailers provide as many details as possible about their products on their websites, remember that a lot of things are relative. For example, a colour that appears “dark” for you may not be “dark” enough for others.

Know the Policies

Avoid any complications by reviewing the store policies in terms of shipping, payment, delivery, and returns. Online shopping experts advise you against rushing anything. Take time in choosing a style, colour, and finish to be sure that your furniture will harmonise with the rest of the room. Read the customer reviews and look for patterns of compliments or complaints as these are significant indicators of quality. Also, consult a product specialist.

Make sure that the furniture allows a good flow in the room. Experienced shoppers would usually get the measurements and create a mock-up on the floor. They found out that it’s an effective way to know if the furniture would sit well in the space.