3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Patio Furniture

Have you ever heard the term “FOMO” before? Maybe you heard it and dismissed it as just another new slang word that would come and go in a year or two. Or maybe you heard it and thought, “What is that? I just have to know what it is or I’ll absolutely lose my mind!”

If the second answer sounds like you, then you are currently suffering from FOMO, otherwise known as Fear Of Missing Out. It’s running rampant in our culture today. With social media, everyone can post their amazing trips, academic accomplishments, and Pinterest-worthy interior decorating skills at any time and for anyone to see. 

Now that it’s summertime, many of the pictures posted to social media revolve around the out of doors. You’ll see people lounging by the side of their well-maintained swimming pools. You’ll see women that can pull off those big, floppy hats that never seem to look good on regular human beings. You’ll see dinner parties hosted outside on cute little wrought-iron chairs that make it look like their family and friends have all been transported to a cute little café in France.

If you are scrolling through and “liking” any of these pictures, it’s time for you to break out of your routine and stop missing out! You too can have a great backyard. It doesn’t take much; just an affordable patio furniture dining set and a little imagination and you, too, can be the envy of all your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. If you’re still wondering whether this is the right way for you to spend your summer, then look below for three reasons to upgrade your patio furniture this summer. 

Family Party

Summer is a great time for the family to travel. The kids are out of school, making it easy to organize the family’s activities. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your relatives (and let’s face it, most of us have been sorely lacking in the socialization department ever since Coronavirus made us afraid to stand in the same room together for too long), why not invite them to stay at your place?

While they’re there, they’ll marvel at the way you’ve turned some of your unused backyard space into a Grecian retreat. Imagine white, comfortable outdoor furniture. You can even add little columns as tables to really drive the theme home. 

Getting the right cushions is another way you can complete the look you’re going for. Make sure to choose an attractive color. It might be a good idea to look around your backyard and see if there are any plants or other features that you want to highlight. Choosing a similar color to your favorite Irises, for example, can really make them pop. Or you could choose a complementary color to add some dimension to your decorating.

If your family accepts your invitation, you can be off and running! A cute outdoor dining set can be a great way for you all to enjoy the weather together. Even if you’re not a world-renowned chef, everything you serve will look and taste great when it’s a classy, grown-up version of a picnic. Please don’t make your great aunt Edna sit on the hard ground when she eats. She’s too old for that nonsense.

If you need a little help, you can check a plethora of mood boards online to help you decide on the right theme for you. 

Graduation Pictures

If you have a teenager, you might want to think about creating the perfect backdrop for senior pictures in your backyard. Many schools have approved studios that snap these shots, but they all look the same. They’ll have your teen sit on a log and look wistful, snap a couple of shots, and call it a day.

You can help your kid’s senior year go smoothly by creating a place for all the local teens to come get their pictures taken. Think of how much fun they’ll have spreading out in a vintage bathing suit on a stylish chaise lounge or in a sweet white lace dress on a white wicker rocking chair.

No matter what impression your teenager wants to give off to his or her or their classmates, you can help support them with unique patio furniture. 

Pride Month!

If you or someone you love is part of the LGBTQ+ community, think about showing them you care through your choice of patio furniture. June is the beginning of summer and also the month nationally recognized as Pride month. Click the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_pride for more information about this holiday.

Think how your loved ones and friends will light up when they see that you’ve created a backyard oasis with chairs, couches and tables in all the colors of the rainbow.