11 Refreshing Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas


Decorating your kitchen is one of the whole complex tasks that a person can think about doing. Earlier, there used to be closed kitchens, but people shifted over time to open kitchens over time. This transition from closed kitchen to open kitchen gave birth to thousands of new ideas for designing one’s kitchen. 

No two people have the same kitchen, neither do they want it to be; every person wants their kitchen to be better than that. To achieve this, people add many new designs to their kitchen; some people add flowers & plants, whereas some people try to play with the color of their cabinets, but most of the people out there do try to experiment with their kitchen corners.

 Kitchen corner cabinet ideas play a massive role in the decoration and space of the kitchen. Your kitchen corners can make or break how your kitchen looks or how much space it occupies. An inefficient corner will take over a lot of space while looking, so there is no point in having a kitchen corner that doesn’t do its job, which is, in most cases keeping hold of large utensils.

The corners are always problematic when defining the decoration since it is challenging to optimize the space of such angular areas, even more so when this means exploiting good taste and creativity. Let’s think, for example, in the kitchen where every inch must be very functional.

In this article, we will talk about innovative kitchen corner ideas that look beautiful and spacious and do not take up much space in your kitchen. So without further ado, let us begin:

Kitchen corner

We mean that blender you bought to make delicious juices, but it is so large that there is no way to store it in the closet. The coffee makers are also perfect to live in this area of the kitchen and the microwave or the Thermomix.

Rail with open metal shelves in the kitchen


Many times, the walls are greatly forgotten. Don’t make that mistake, and use the corner of your kitchen for vertical storage. Depending on your needs, you may require more or fewer shelves or rails, but be clear that their functionality is invaluable. Take inspiration from the image and arrange a shelf for cereals and legumes, another for large bowls and bowls, and leave the hooks for utensils and cutlery.

  1. Used kitchen corner with wooden shelves
Kitchen corner

This advice is applicable to corner cabinet ideas and all corners of the kitchen, but if you’re weak in this area, a couple of L-shaped shelves will provide the space you need to place your daily essentials.


A kitchen cart will help you make the most of that wasted corner next to the worktop or radiator, spaces that usually go completely unnoticed. Besides, if you choose it with wheels, you can move it from one side to the other, multiplying its functionality. The kitchen corner can be decorated with wooden shelves and plants.


Kitchen corner

You have a whole world of plants to choose from: hanging, aromatic like rosemary, climbing plants that subtly fall off the shelves … If you never looked around the corner before, we assure you that now you will not be able to stop doing it.


Have you seen what an ingenious idea? In the absence of cabinets or storage space, a couple of extended shelves that run along the kitchen wall will be the perfect place to store your dishes while you display them like a work of art. 


Kitchen corner

As if it were a bridge, the corner of this kitchen was used to place three open wooden shelves. Where is the trick? In combining exhibitors with closed cabinets. Use the latter to store everything that you do not want to be seen, and leave the shelves to place dishes and flirty accessories without forgetting to add deco details such as a cookbook or an illustration.


If you want to get the most out of corner storage, try stacking crockery, glasses, pots … It can be done in style without losing an iota of functionality, and if not, take a look at the photo. Isn’t it lovely? The key is to seek harmony and aesthetic coherence.


Kitchen corner

Have you thought about building a built-in shelf in the closet? Although to carry out this idea, you will need to do some work in the kitchen; it is a very ingenious solution to extend the valuable space of the countertop while creating an open and protected storage area. By the way, the lighting is quite a hoot.

10. Suction cups that hold a small basket on the kitchen window

Like shelves and rails, suction cups are a great way to create small storage areas in those unused nooks like corners. Use them to hang baskets where you can store scourers and balls, utensils and accessories, mini plants … Anything you need.

11. The conventional shelf solution

 If you go for this option, at least make both doors open. This way, you will be able to entrée the matter (at least visually) to the shelves. 

Concluding Remarks

Not surprisingly, the kitchen is often one of the first rooms in the home that owners think about before making a purchase or undertaking a renovation project. With our above corner cabinet ideas for today, your kitchen will become a room where form and functionality will be in perfect balance. 

Our ideas will not only help you to make your kitchen a beautiful piece of art, but it will definitely also be spacious. To get more refreshing kitchen corner cabinet ideas, Renovation, Gardening and outdoors must  visit Housedecorationtip.  

Happy Decorating!