20 Creative Ways to Use Car Stickers


Some stickers are simply cute, some are funny, but other stickers are downright brilliant. It’s not unusual for stickers to make you smile or even laugh. But, stickers can also be used as a fun and creative way to express your personality, as well as an attractive way to decorate your car.

I don’t know about you, but my personal favorite car stickers are the ones that I’ve seen people put on their cars: 

  • Stickers with clever sayings 
  • Stickers with cute and funny drawings and designs, 
  • Stickers that depict an artistic image or pattern. 

There’s just something unique about stickers — they’re both bold and colorful — and they’re almost always amusing. 

So if you like stickers too (or even if you don’t), check out this list of 20 creative ways to use sticker art in your daily life: 

1. Make a themed sticker collage on your car’s bumper, as seen in this photograph from A Cup of Jo.

2. Decorate your laptop by Make custom military stickers as seen in this photograph from the Washington Post.

3. Show off stickers as part of your skin care and cosmetics routine — we’re thinking colorful nail stickers here — as shown in this advertisement for Oriflamme Beauty.

4. Use Split back stickers to spice up boring school supplies: Shown here is a pen that has been decorated with stickers and then embellished with glitter glue and sequins, via Pinterest.

5. Add some fun to boring brown paper grocery bags by covering them with stickers before using them at the supermarket or convenience store, as demonstrated by mrstater on Flickr.

6. Wear stickers on your body, like this girl who has stickers all over her face (described by the photographer as “face stickers” in his photo description).

7. Use stickers to decorate plain white wall space at home, like the stickers seen here of famous works of art hanging on a wall in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s office in New York City.

8. Stick stickers onto scrapbooks or other items that you want to creatively personalize. It can be great for showing off stickers that symbolize where you’re from, what you love most about life, or your favorite travel destinations.

9. Make some new jewelry with stickers — either by applying stickers directly to earrings or necklaces (like these stickers designed by Jessica Jones of Hip Hip Hooray), or by stringing stickers together to make trendy, colorful bracelets like the stickers used here for this photograph from A Cup of Jo.

10. Make stickers part of your car game collection — that is, if you’re into travel Scrabble (as seen in this National Geographic advertisement).

11. Stick stickers on your bike frame as decoration and/or for safety purposes, as shown in this photo from New Beginnings Charter School.

12. Use stickers to decorate a plain water bottle: Seen here is an image from Not without Salt about how to turn a boring-looking water bottle into something awesome with stickers!

13. Put stickers on your children’s toys as a means of personalizing them.

14. Put stickers onto the cover of your favorite books, as seen in this photograph from Design Sponge.

15. Give stickers as gifts to loved ones for special occasions — whether it be stickers with cute drawings or stickers from places you’ve been together. 

16. Use stickers on store-bought items that have bland packaging, like these stickers used by Moo Business Cards to make fun designs on their business cards and stickers (photo taken by @moo).

17. Make stickers part of your home décor: We’re thinking sturdy wall stickers here (like these), but other stickers can become wall art too (as illustrated by this pink vinyl decal seen via Wall Decal Source).

18. Make stickers part of your daily life for reasons other than decorating purposes, like using them as reminders of important things you need to do, showing off stickers that are related to your favorite fandom’s or hobbies, and so on. 

19. Use stickers on children’s bedroom wallpaper to create fun geometric shapes and designs on the walls of their bedrooms. It can be a great way for kids to develop creativity with stickers, have fun wall décor they love, and learn about patterns at the same time (seen here in this photograph from Apartment Therapy).

20. If stickers aren’t really your thing but you still want some cute wall art for your home or office, use removable stickers as stencils to paint fun designs on walls with regular wall paint. Shown here are stickers depicting leaves used as stencils for autumn leaf designs, via All You.


The possibilities for stickers are endless, so have fun with stickers in the ways that work best for you! WE WANT TO SEE YOUR STICKER CREATIONS TOO!

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