How much does remodelling a bathroom cost?

The average cost of a bathroom renovation in Dublin is €11,788, with costs typically ranging from €6,152 to €15,246, says

The price can go beyond €25,111 for a big primary bath, a bathroom makeover using high-end fixtures and premium materials, or a bathroom redesign requiring extensive alterations to the plumbing and electrical hookups.

However, remodelling your bathroom may significantly improve your quality of life and raise the value of your house. There are many ways to increase the durability, design, and overall experience of your bathroom, and after taking your first dip in your new jet tub, you’ll probably feel that your investment was worthwhile.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost Per Square Foot?

While the price per square foot of a bathroom redesign varies depending on several factors, it typically ranges from €71 on the low end for a bathroom refresh to €251 or more on the high end for a tiny bathroom or half bath. But the price can go up to €275 per square foot or more for a significant primary bathroom remodel that includes features like a separate jetted tub or a double vanity.

Cost breakdown for bathroom remodelling

It is quite easy to dissect the price of a contractor’s overall quote for a bathroom makeover. Even so, it’s crucial to understand where your money is going and what to look for in an itemised breakdown of an estimate, which should contain things like:

  • existing tile, flooring, and fittings out or tearing them up: You might be able to accomplish this on your own, or your contractor could be able to provide you with a cost estimate based on their hourly labour rates.
  • Increasing the bathroom’s size or moving an item that calls for alterations to the electrical or plumbing connections and additional electrical or plumbing costs: Costs vary according to the labour and components needed.
  • Disability features range from €1,511 to €9,111.
  • Major requirements include toilets (€91-€1,511), showers (€311-€3,111+), sinks, and bathtubs (€611-€11,111).
  • faucets, showerheads, knobs, vanity mirrors, fans, and lights are examples of small fixtures. Depending on your requirements, prices might vary greatly, but they will probably range from €511 to €2,811.
  • Bathroom-appropriate cabinets or storage range from €251 to €3,111 or more.
  • For stone tile, the cost of professional installation is from €911 to €2,811 and from €861 to €2,611 for porcelain tile.
  • For countertops, budget €211–€1,111 or more
  • Paint that resists mildew and moisture ranges in price from €51 to €111.
  • For licenced specialists, labour costs range from €51 to €111 per hour and more; they account for between 41 and 65 percent of the entire cost of bathroom renovations.

Remember that pricing will vary based on what you choose and that manufacturers frequently provide contractors discounts. Remember that before beginning construction, your crew will also need to prepare the area by ripping away the existing tile, shower, sink, and toilet.

Additional Elements That Affect the Price of Your Bathroom Renovation

The entire cost of a bathroom redesign depends on a number of factors, including but not restricted to:

  • Location and related living expenses
  • The dimensions of the bathroom and whether it has a full or half bath
  • Materials like tiling, fittings, cabinets, vanities, bathtubs, and other items are expensive and plentiful.
  • need to move a toilet, sink, shower, or lights, or require plumbing or electrical repairs
  • If you wish to make the room bigger,
  • Adding features for those who have impairments
  • If you are including unique elements like shelves or a skylight,

Before you begin, define the aims and concepts behind your bathroom makeover by asking yourself (and your contractor!) some important questions, such as:

  • Your bathroom’s design: Do you like more modern or classic looks?
  • Current trends and desired qualities in your market should be taken into account if you intend to sell your property soon.
  • the degree of customisation or high-end finishes you desire (and can afford)
  • Do you intend to relocate any fixtures or other objects that will need significant plumbing or electrical work?
  • Are you including features for those with disabilities?
  • Expanding: Are you tearing down barriers to enlarge the space?
  • Do you need or desire a complete remodel, or are you just looking to freshen things up with a new vanity and paint?
  • Project duration: How long will the remodelling take, and will the bathroom be unavailable during that time?

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Near Me Cost?

Like anything else, remodelling a bathroom tends to be more expensive in urban regions or locations with higher cost of living.

The location of your home affects labour expenses on average by around 21%, whereas material costs are generally consistent. Having said that, you should still obtain many estimates for your bathroom makeover from several local builders.

If you take a broader look at bathroom remodelling prices, you can notice the disparity between rural and more metropolitan areas:

  • Urban: €11,111-€26,111+
  • Rural: €5,511-€11,111+

While the cost of hiring additional experts like plumbers and electricians might differ, the nationwide range for plumbers is €175 to €481 and electricians typically charge an average visit fee of €162 to €522 for simple upgrades and repairs.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Remodel My Own Bathroom?

You might be considering trying to remodel your bathroom on your own. If you’re willing to put in the work (and have the appropriate skills), a DIY bathroom redesign will typically cost between €3,111 and €8,111. However, while basic tasks like replacing a faucet, swapping out a vanity, or even changing the tile can be accomplished on your own, such DIY projects sometimes lack the polished appearance of bathroom remodels carried out by a contractor. And every time you brush your teeth, you’ll be the one who sees the cabinet door’s unevenness.

Additionally, you should work with a bathroom remodeler nearby if you’re gutting your space to move large fixtures or appliances (or changing anything else that may disrupt the plumbing or electric connections in your bathroom). Find a person who is familiar with the zoning laws and constraints in your area, has a working knowledge of plumbing, works with licenced electricians and plumbers or is one themselves, and is capable of locating high-quality supplies for your job (perhaps at a discount).

You may always choose a DIY bathroom refresh if a professional bathroom redesign is out of your price range. It could feel like you’ve renovated your bathroom for pennies if you just add a few simple things, like a fresh coat of paint, a new vanity, new lighting, new mirror(s) or medicine cabinets, some new towels, and a new shower curtain.

Bathroom components that are prefabricated vs customised

While the size of your bathroom and its layout or footprint are undoubtedly the main determinants of remodelling costs, the style and type of fixtures and finishes you select also have a significant impact.

Nevertheless, you may keep costs down by using premade cabinets and using simple tiling. Instead, use affordable, simple-to-change decorations like towels, shower curtains, window treatments, real or fake plants, and other items to give flair and individuality.

On the other hand, your bathroom’s costs will increase if you select luxuries like marble, bespoke cabinetry or tiles, or fixtures and lights. And let’s say that you want to seem luxurious. To preserve your investment and ensure everything is set up properly in such situation, you’ll want to engage a contractor that is experienced working with these materials.

Concerns and Questions

There are other things to be aware of in addition to the obvious concerns and potential problems that may arise during a bathroom makeover.

Will remodelling my bathroom raise the value of my house?

The average homeowner recovers roughly two-thirds of the cost of the remodel upon resale, making upgraded bathrooms one of the primary elements that increase the value of your property. Additionally, houses that have recently been upgraded generally sell more rapidly.

However, if buyers in your neighbourhood tend to have more conventional preferences and your bathroom renovation is highly distinctive, modern, or avant-garde, it might be a huge selling point or a deterrent. Therefore, keep that in mind before committing fully to the under-the-sea motif your child is insistent about.

What are typical plumbing issues?

The potential unforeseen expenditures of dealing with plumbing modifications and related maintenance are additional factors to take into account (make sure you have some padding in your budget there). Plumbing is a field where there is always a chance for costly surprises.

Be aware that remodelling a bathroom normally has the highest cost for the shower, with prices for a single shower redesign ranging from €1,111 to €5,511. Plumbing is an additional costly component of bathroom remodelling, but by preserving the bathroom’s present layout and water connections, you may reduce these expenditures.

If you’re remodelling a bathroom, should you choose tile or paint?

Tilework expenses can also be a significant portion of the budget, but you can lower them by choosing mildew-resistant paint in other areas and utilising as little tile as possible, such as as an accent on the backsplash and shower walls.

What security features are required in your new bathroom?

Adding items that will maintain your bathroom in great condition and prepared to withstand epic bathtime splashes may also be a good idea. Think of worktops that can withstand water, high-quality bathroom cabinets, slip-resistant flooring, and paint that can withstand moisture and mildew.

How should your new bathroom be lit?

Your bathroom may be an improved location to put on makeup and get ready for the day if it has color-corrected lighting that mimics natural sunshine, such as soft white fluorescent, halogen, or LED illumination.

Are there any additional tasks or improvements you have to think about while remodelling your bathroom?

Consider additional changes if you are remodelling your bathroom, especially if you are changing the design, which will probably affect the plumbing and electrical connections. A skylight can add to the beauty of your bathroom. Organizers, a vanity or dressing area, and some chairs may transform your closet. Even little, low-cost improvements like hot towel racks can make a big impact.

A beautiful bathroom requires a lot of work, but the cost may be justified by the value it contributes to your home and the improvements it makes to your quality of life.

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