Documents you need to prepare before doing building demolition

If you’re planning on doing demolition for a building on the property to clear the way for something else, there are going to be some documents that you need to get this done. Click here for some additional resources on this matter, but here are some basic details about these documents and how you find them.


Intro to Demolition Documents

There’s obviously going to be some variation regarding what documents that you need to obtain the required documents for a demolition project based on exactly where you are. As an example, one of the main documents that you need in the U.S. Is called a demolition permit. Other documents may be needed in other areas, so it’s important to proceed based on your location.

What Is a Demolition Permit?

A demolition permit constitutes a legal document that essentially permits you to destroy any building that needed a building permit to make in the first place. If you didn’t need a building permit before you made the building, you may still need a demolition permit to destroy it. Many buildings need this permit, including if the building was originally built illegally, without a permit.

Again, there’s going to be variation in exactly what sort of process you need to go through to get a permit, based on your exact location and situation.

Common Conditions for Needing a Permit

You will need a permit if

  • Primary structures need to be removed
  • Buildings are getting additions that require a lot of demolition of previous structures
  • Accessory structures that have utilities or hazardous materials need to be removed

It’s important to check your local laws before you conclude that you don’t need a permit.

How to Get a Demolition Permit

You need to submit an application locally. You will also often need a grading plan for approval. You will often need a plumbing permit that requires an inspection. It’s also possible that you’ll need collateral in the form of a demolition bond held in escrow as a bond to make sure that all of the demolition work will be completed in full. Many times you can get this bond back after the work has been finished.

Make Sure to Double Check What You Need

For example, you will need a demolition permit for each separate structure that you need to be demolished. If you’re demolishing a building completely until it only has its foundation left, then you’ll need a permit usually, regardless of other considerations.

It is possible you may not need a permit in cases where you’re doing a major alteration to the building but nothing actually needs to be fully destroyed.

You’re also going to need paperwork including a demolition grading plan, and proof of inspections to get the permit. Demolition permission usually requires a slew of permits across the board. Different municipalities will have different provisions for what other paperwork requirements you might have.

Make sure you have a professional check everything for you to ensure you have what you need. It would be a waste to have to do anything again.

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