Are you looking to install air conditioning to feel cold in scorching weather? Or to have a warm, comfortable time in winters? Australia is one of those countries with extreme weather, so establishing an air conditioning system in your house is very necessary.

But before jumping on the part of the installation, there are certain things that you need to know, which might help you choose a perfect AC unit for your home! For your help, those few facts are listed below.

You should choose an AC unit according to the type and size of your room.

You heard it right. The air conditioner you are choosing should be according to the size, i.e., the length, width, and height of your room. If you apply a bigger unit to a small space, it will often turn off. And a smaller one installed in a big room will be expensive because it will consume more energy.

It should have suitable filtering property.

When applying an ac unit, be sure that it has a proper filtration system. Good filters remove germs, smoke, and odor from the indoor air and ensure your AC’s excellent cooling performance.

Installing an inverter ac

An inverter ac is the best option, which provides an excellent cooling effect and saves lots of energy. The cost of inverters is higher than that of regular ones, but it saves lots of money from electricity bills, so you have to spend a pretty amount of money only once.  Well if you are looking for AC installation services that fall under your budget and provides value over money than you must consult the Aircon Company. They are known for their professionalism, high-quality services along with years of experience in this respect.

Blower size

At the inside of your air conditions, blowers are present, something with which almost every person is familiar. The blower functions to blow the air into the AC system’s ductwork, which then distributes the air in your room. The airflow through the blower ensures that there is no suffocation in the place. The stronger airflow of the AC depends upon the blower size of the AC.

Condenser coils

To cool the air, AC condensers use waves. The copper coil is the best reliable option for this purpose as it has better anti-corrosive and heat exchange properties

Check the noise control

It is essential to check how much noise an AC unit will make during working.  An average ac will be in the noise limits of 50db. A loud noise is sure to ruin your sleep, so make sure that it is in its normal range.

Below are the two most essential points that you should be aware of.

  •  How much power will it require?

When buying an air conditioner, the essential question is how much power it will require to cool your room entirely?  BTU, which stands for British thermal unit, is used to calculate air conditioner capacity, and the power output is calculated in kilowatts. A bigger AC unit will consume more power to cool your room, and hence your electricity bills will be on fire! While a small company will not cool your room sufficiently, therefore, the money you spent to buy this ac is WASTED, so in both cases, you should think thoroughly before making the right decision.

  • How should I clean my ac unit?

Dirt usually accumulates on the evaporating coil, reducing the airflow and heat evaporation, so you must clean your evaporating ring almost every year.

If you have installed your condenser outside the house, then it is obvious there will be lots of dust particles on the condenser coil fins. Check that one-two.

Can I install my AC unit at my home by myself?

The ANSWER is, if you are not professional in your work, then you should not be putting your nose in it. You should let the experts do the job! To get the proper AC effect, it is essential to install it correctly in your house. For example, a window ac with a compact unit is mainly designed to be installed on a window, whereas a split ac has a compressor unit that will be present outside the house, and the indoor unit will be current inside the room. So make sure you have experts doing the work.

After the above general chit chat, let’s discuss the actual price of installing a unit in  Sydney?

Usually, before hooking up a system, you need to do a few calculations. You don’t want your compressor to be in a place in your house where it will ruin the home’s beauty. Moreover, the brand matters! You need to find a perfect brand first and then examine other air conditioners’ properties like power efficiency, capacity, etc.

Air conditioning installation can cost you up to $900 to $2000. It depends on the price you will pay for kilowatt capacity. If the unit’s output is higher, you have to pay more than the lower output unit.

If you have a small room and want a remote split system, you may have to pay up to $1500 to install the unit.

You should have at least $2000 to 3000 dollars in your pocket for a line split system.

And if you want multiple split systems inf your house’s various rooms, then an amount of $3000 to $5000+ should be paid.

In the 21st century, the weather around the world is becoming worse day by day, because, for a hundred reasons, extreme weather in Australia is not an unknown fact. Modern problems require modern solutions. Almost every house owns a split system now. It is a modern day’s requirement. Instead of DIY AC unit installation, it’s safe and smart to call a professional AC installation service provider. It will save you from all the hassle and save your money and time. So next time when you are thinking to install or replace you existing AC unit make sure to call a trustworthy service company!