4 Top Tips for Busy Homeowners Who Want a Healthy Home

It’s only natural to want a healthy and safe home for you and your family. But, busyness can get in the way of ensuring your residential property is always the healthy environment you strive to have. Busy homeowners get easily distracted with other duties such as school runs, working overtime at the office and getting the family’s four-legged friend to the vet!

A healthy and safe home, anywhere in Australia, is something every homeowner wants. Basic principles such as keeping your residential property dry, well-ventilated and contaminant-free are some of the ways to have a healthy home environment. Booking regular pest control services Melbourne homeowners are using is another way of keeping your home healthy.  

4 Top Tips for Busy Homeowners Who Want a Healthy Home

Australian viewers are familiar with the “Healthy Homes” programme which highlights ways of improving less-than-ideal living conditions. Healthy living practices such as the following are encouraged:

  • Washing people, clothes and bedding
  • Safe removal of wastewater
  • Improving nutrition
  • Reducing overcrowding
  • Keeping the home environment pest-free
  • Reducing the impact of dust and other pollutants
  • Controlling indoor temperature

Implementing these basic living practices in your home is a good start towards creating a healthy environment. You can also use these top tips to ensure your home is always healthy even when your life is busy!

1. Book Annual Pest Control Inspections

Keeping your home pest-free is a challenge many homeowners face. Pest infestations can get out of control quickly if not delt with in time. Pests such as termites, spiders, cockroaches and rodents can become a health and safety threat should they become an infestation. They’re also destructive, damaging the infrastructure of your property, clothing, carpets and furnishing.

Booking an annual pest control inspection gives you peace of mind problems are picked up and handles before there’s a crisis.

A pest-free home is a healthy home. Why not have regular inspections booked on your calendar, so you don’t get surprised by these little critters. 

2. A Minimalist Lifestyle is Easier to Maintain

More homeowners are discovering the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. With less furniture, ornaments and other clutter to clean, it’s easier to keep a home healthy. Busy homeowners with little free time on their hands are also choosing a minimalist lifestyle by downsizing to smaller properties. This means less time being spent on maintaining a property. 

 A smaller home also means less money spent on features such as:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Home ventilation systems
  • House cleaning services
  • Garden services

It’s far easier and cost-effective to keep a smaller property healthy than a large residence. If this idea sounds attractive, this may be the time to downsize!

3. Use Environmentally-Friendly Products

A healthy home environment means less time wasted in the doctor’s room! Busy homeowners would benefit from using eco-friendly products that are free of toxins such as:

  • Floor coverings like wood or carpets made with natural fibres
  • Low VOC paints which have less impact on air quality with reduced toxic emissions
  • Formaldehyde-free furnishing

A healthier home environment can also be achieved by installing products using alternative energy sources such as sunshine and wind. Solar panels, skylights and roof ventilation fans all help create a healthier and safer indoor space while reducing the demand on the grid. 

4. Take Advantage of Advanced Technology

Keeping your home clean and healthy has become a whole lot easier with advanced technology being used in various equipment. Consider having the following equipment in your home which will do most of the work for you while keeping your indoor space healthy:

  • Robotic vacuums:Keeping your home free of dust and debris is key for a healthy living environment by choosing the best robot vacuum for pet hair removal. Robotic vacuums do the work for you. All you have to do is set the programme and leave it to get on with cleaning your home!
  • Energy-efficient air purifiers: Installing air purifiers in your home will help keep pollutants such as smoke and allergens out. Opt for designs that guarantee energy savings to keep your monthly bills down. 
  • Remote-controlled heating and cooling systems: Keeping your home climate at the right temperature is important for a healthy home. Installing a remote-controlled HVAC unit means you can operate the system from anywhere, saving you time and money. 

Home equipment using advanced technology has changed the way busy homeowners manage their residential property. It also means you can create a healthier environment without having to spend as much time as before doing it yourself!

Final Thoughts

From pest control services to using time-saving equipment, you can still have a healthy home even if you’re on the go all day long! By using these top tips, busy homeowners can rest assured their home is healthy and safe for all occupants. Isn’t that what you want from a safe haven?