Feature Wall Panels That Can Transform Your Home’s Look

External timber feature wall panels can add elegance to your home and protect it against extreme weather conditions. These panels also act as insulators by resisting heat flow into your home. The depth and individuality that these panels add to your home’s aesthetics can transform it into a work of art.

These feature wall panels are available in various materials, and you can choose one according to your budget and the type of design that you think will look best for your house. 

• Composites – Composite wall panels are one of the most durable materials and are easy to install. They provide the look of timber without requiring a lot of maintenance. 

• Western red cedar – This is the most elegant and classy-looking material for external feature wall panels. They maintain the aesthetics of your house and can last long, provided you maintain the panels every year.

• Hardwood – The advantage of using hardwood wall panels is that you can choose from a wide range of colors and timber types. 

• Aluminum – Aluminum is fire-resistant and costs less than timber wall panels. However, it doesn’t look classy or add the elegance that a western red cedar or hardwood panel offers.

Types of external timber feature wall panels

Once you confirm the type of timber you want to use for the wall panels, your next job is to select the type of panel design. Some of the most popular designs that can transform the look of your house are as follows:

1. Proplank walls

Proplank walls include a batten wall lining system where the experts will install the panels on both curved and straight walls to provide a stunning design. The wall lining system contains nylon spacer brackets, spring steel clips, and a mounting rack. A team of experts will set up the brackets first and then install the timber panels to give a premium look to your home’s exterior walls.

The advantage of this system is you can choose different types of timber panels for a single wall. For example, you can use western red cedar, composites, and hardwood panels for each wall on which you want added protection against challenging weather conditions. You can even make the panels sound-proof and fire-resistant, but you may need to pay extra money for it.

2. Shou Sugi Ban walls

This is a Japanese method where experts char the wood panels first to increase their durability and make them weatherproof. Another advantage of these panels is that you can use them for both exterior and interior walls. The charred carbon look of the timber provides a unique look to your home’s exterior and protects it from harsh weather. Additionally, the carbon layer on top of the timber panels protects them from termites and offers fire resistance.

One of the reasons this traditional Japanese method is still so popular is that you can use it for a range of properties, such as residential buildings and commercial properties like shopping centers, retail spaces, offices, and schools and colleges.  

3. Trendplank walls

Trendplank walls come with a concealed cladding system that has a tongue and groove installation process. You can choose from a variety of end stops and corner trims to make the panels look good. 

This system focuses on the expansion and contraction of timber according to different seasons. It allows enough space for the timber to expand or contract instead of forcing it to remain in shape. According to experts, this system ensures that the external wall panels work in harmony with the environment and provide a new dimension to the walls.

4. Vacoa walls

Vacoa walls contain a knotty pine material that goes through a thermal heating process followed by steaming to make the panels long-lasting. The thermal heating process improves the timber’s stability, longevity, and ability to withstand different weather conditions. Moreover, the steaming process that follows thermal heating makes sure that the panels don’t deteriorate over time. These panels are available in various designs and colors, allowing you to choose the best for your house. 

External timber feature wall panels can transform your home’s look if you pick the right design and color. Investing in them today can help you save a lot in the future, as they provide additional insulation to your house, thus putting less pressure on your heaters and HVAC systems.

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