Everything You Need to Know About Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular and it is likely that you have probably come across the term modular builds because of the rise in new technologies that involve 3D printing. There is a lot to know about modular buildings, and this post is going to give you a quick rundown on everything that you need to know, as, after all, a modular home could be in your future. 

What Is A Modular Building?

Modular building structures are assembled in factories, it focuses on using repeated sections called ‘modules’. Once the structures are created, they are moved from the factory and located to their designated place. This is not to say that they are mobile buildings, nor does it mean that they are compact buildings. In fact, modular buildings can come in all shapes and sizes, and while they can be made to be mobile, they can also be designed to be unmovable. If a modular building is a new concept to you, click here, to access more in-depth information on the matter. Often people are quick to dismiss modular homes and buildings because they think they are weak and fragile. However, they have to pass the same safety checks and standards as any other home. There is nothing weak about them and their construction is simply a more effective and efficient process than traditional builds. With the rapid advancements taking place in technology at the moment, it should come as no surprise that we are looking for bigger and better ways to build structures in the future. 

How Long Does It Take To Make A Modular Building?

One of the first things that people question is how long does it take for a modular building to be constructed? If we are talking about home structures specifically, a modular home can be finished roughly 50% faster than standard construction methods. Renovations and construction of homes can take years to complete, but a modular home can be finished in a fraction of that time. The reason for this is because a lot of the building goes offsite, and so you don’t need to worry about external issues such as the weather slowing down construction. Another benefit that comes with modular building is that 80% of the construction activity takes place in the factory, which minimizes any disruptions to neighbours and the local area. When the construction in the factory is done, the modules are brought to the location for the building to commence, almost like a lego set.

Can Modular Buildings Have Basements?

This is another common question that crops up in discussions surrounding modular buildings and homes. The short answer is yes, modular buildings can have basements and it is very common for them to have basements. Depending on where you are in the world, a basement or crawl space may be essential to protect you and your family from hazardous weather, such as tornadoes. Also, it is worth noting at this point that modular buildings have to meet the same safety requirements as traditionally built buildings. So do not fall victim to believing the rumour that modular homes are fragile and weak, as some of these buildings can withstand wind speeds that are up to a whopping 173 mph. 

Modular Buildings Are Eco Friendly

Another benefit of modular buildings is that they are incredibly eco friendly. In our current climate, taking care of our environment needs to be treated as a priority, and modular homes are doing their bit to ensure that they are sustainable and environmentally safe. They can do this as the construction process is streamlined so builders can make sure that they use environmentally friendly materials and they can manage construction waste more effectively. Also, as modular buildings are so easy to adapt to the design and building process, it is a lot easier to take the time to find sustainable materials than regular construction. What’s more, those who are creating /opting to buy modular buildings can ask designers to reduce their building’s environmental impact on the surrounding area. 

Modular Homes Are Budget Friendly

Getting onto the property ladder is more difficult than ever, with prices for homes becoming more and more unattainable. However, purchasing a modular home is cheaper to buy and cheaper to sustain. Research has shown that modular homes, compared to traditional homes of similar sizes, are 15% less expensive to purchase. This is attributed to the quicker and easier building methods that are used. You will need a homeowners insurance policy, however, this will be the exact same insurance as you would get for a home constructed with standard methods. So if you are looking to invest in housing, or maybe you want to find a home to raise your children in, modular homes are a far cheaper alternative for you to consider, for the same results and benefits that come with a traditionally built home. 

Modular Buildings Allow For More Creativity

A unique perk of modular buildings is that they allow for more creativity in the design and construction stages. Modular construction lets buyers add and remove features on the house with ease! Consider the lego analogy again, as everybody understands that with lego you can build whatever you like so long as you have the resources and it is also easy to add on and amend parts of whatever you have built. So if you are thinking about purchasing a modular home, you can amend your home to match whatever it is your heart has been craving (within reason of course). As a homeowner, you will get far more say in your investment in a modular building than in any other type of construction.

While modular buildings are currently cheaper to buy and construct than traditionally built buildings, it makes sense to invest now before the value of modular buildings goes up. This is an opportunity not to be missed, whether it is to create your dream family home or to invest in a building for you to rent out, there is no time like the present.

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