Easy Roof Maintenance Tips to Make it Last

The roof is an essential structure of your house, keeping the building safe from the elements of nature. Whether you choose the combo of affordability and durability of corrugated metal roof, the natural style of terracotta, the pocket-friendly pricing of the concrete roofs or the eco-conscious slate roofing, each will withstand the diverse Australian climate. But, how long they last without any repair or replacement works depends on how well you maintain them. 

Here is a compilation of easy roof maintenance tips to ensure that the integral part of your house is fit and secure to keep your family safe in all weathers. 

Periodical roof check-up

Ideally done twice a year – once before the onset of the wet season and the other at the end of it – exhaustive assessment is a sure-shot measure to avoid deterioration of the roof. Check for chipped or broken tiles, corroded metal sheets, and impaired waterproof membrane on concrete. Further, check the guttering for a build-up of debris that can cause blockage. However, when you do the roof inspection yourself, make sure to adopt appropriate safety measures like wearing rubber-soled shoes, getting a harness, using stable ladders, etc. 

Signs of leaks on ceiling and attic

When you assess your roof, do not miss our checking the underside, i.e., the ceiling and attic. A hidden crack on the roof may cause severe damage to the interiors of your home. Look for water stains, musty odours, or bulging patches on the walls to detect roof damage and follow the track to pinpoint the exact spot that requires repair.

Clean your roof

You can wash down terracotta or concrete roofs with plain water and apply an anti-fungal solution to weed out moss/ algae growths. Gently brush off dirt on a metal roof with a mild soapy solution and rinse it clean. Make sure not to use a power jet to pressure spray water all over your roof, as it will damage the structure.

Unclog the gutters

The gutters and downpipes don’t allow water to stand on the roof, thus keeping the structure safe from water damage. Make sure to clean the gutters of accumulated leaves and other debris so that rainwater can pass unhindered. 

Trim tree branches over the roof

The trees around your home will cool down the air temperature, but overhanging branches can cause roof damage during cyclones. Hence it is wise to trim off the tree branches and protect your roof from severe weather conditions. By trimming infiltrating branches, you can also prevent the accumulation of dead leaves and twigs on the rooftop and the growth of lichens and algae.

Take care of rooftop ventilation

Proper ventilation can prevent dry rot on your roof and ice from clogging the roof membrane, causing moistness to spread to the home interiors. Hire a professional to install a ridge vent and a drip edge on your roof to ensure the free flow of air.

Which, among these maintenance tips, will get priority in your annual roof upkeep To-Do list?                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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