Different chainsaw types and their advantages

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Modern chainsaws are incredibly beneficial and effective. Hence, in times like this, it is necessary to choose one that can suit your requirements. Moreover, the chainsaw is essential across the logging and forestry industry. Since they are portable tools, you can either choose the wooden ones or metal bars.

It can be an extremely daunting task to purchase a chainsaw in today’s time. Whether you need a chainsaw for a regular task or professional work, you should choose one that can suit all your requirements. If you are new to the field and have no idea about chainsaws, let us help you through. 


Cutting branches and trees

This is indeed one of the main uses of a chainsaw. It can play an important role in chopping and cutting wood. Chainsaws are portable and can be easily carried from one place to another. Moreover, even when you’re climbing the ladder, you can use these chainsaws. Well, they are indeed versatile equipment. 

You will also need to consider the power and size. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider the size of the chainsaw you choose. The different sizes of chainsaw can eventually take down various sizes of trees. 

Turning logs into lumber

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Turning logs into lumber can be essential. A tree, when taken down, needs to be usable. The right chainsaw can play an important role in cutting down the lumber uniformly and enhancing the impact. Furthermore, the chainsaw can also help to sculpt, build and more. However, a small chainsaw can get the job done in no time as well. The lumber can also help turn and frame the shed and home, make garden boxes and more. 

Sculpting foliage

Do you want to get into landscaping? Well, if you are a landscaper, then it is advisable to choose a chainsaw. If you have hedges and bushes around your house, then you might want to get into landscaping. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand and become a personal landscaper. A chainsaw can play an important role in sculpting and foliage the property. Furthermore, it also helps to trim down the bush to your desired size. 

Types of chainsaw

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There are different types of the chainsaw in the market. As a result, it is necessary to understand what you want. Furthermore, what type of chainsaw you want will influence your decision to cut down trees in a particular space. Some of the common types of the chainsaw with their benefits and disadvantages include the following

Corded electric chainsaw

If you are not concerned about portability, then a corded electric chainsaw is one of the best choices to make. Moreover, it is lightweight and quiet, which is why you can plug into the house. 

The corded electric chainsaw can help cut down the trees into a particular shape until the arms get tired. It functions in low power and mid-tier cordless models and tends to be weaker than a gas model. It is one of the cheapest options you can choose because they do not use fuel or rechargeable batteries

Cordless electric chainsaw

If portability is one of the main concerns, then you should consider getting into cordless electric chainsaws. Moreover, it also helps you get over gas and can be one of the best choices to make. 

The cordless electric chainsaw functions with the rechargeable battery. However, since they are cordless, they tend to be more expensive than the gas-powered ones. Also, they are quiet in general and can be beneficial for no engine roaring. 

Gas-powered chainsaw

If you consider strength, then gas-powered models are one of the best choices to make. The gas engine provides the benefit of power and can help to cut with increased power. 

The gas-powered chainsaws can help to cut down trees effectively. Moreover, they are portable and can turn out to be extremely beneficial for the price you pay. Hence, they are totally worth the price. 

How to operate chainsaws? 

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If you are new to the business of operating chainsaws, you will need to consider safety. Hence, some of the prominent aspects to consider while choosing chainsaw include the following

Know your saw

You should know about the basic features of the saw and want you to want in the beginning. If you know about all the safety features and kickback protection. 

Protect yourself

You should carry your protective gear while operating with the chainsaw. The basic equipment that you will need to choose includes safety goggles, safety boots, gloves and hearing protection. Every gear is easily available in the market, and you should choose one accordingly. 

Get a start-up inspection

You can pick up chain lubrication and can fit your requirements. Before starting to use the chainsaw, you should consider chain brake, inertia functions and chain lubrication. 

Carry a first-aid

Always make sure to carry your first-aid box with you. Having an accessible first aid box ensures protection against various damages. You can also reach out to experts for help. 

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