5 Benefits Of Using Fireplace Screens

The fireplace screens work as a shield that staves off sparks of fire from entering your living room. Along with that, they also act as a barrier between kids or pets and fire. No matter how long you have been stoking a fire, the fireplace screens are always required to lessen the risk of fires or burns.

Besides protecting from fire hazards, the fireplace screens add glamour to your living area. A fireplace has the central position in the living room. Take a look at these custom fireplace screens and enhance the elegance of your living room right away!

Moreover, we have shortlisted the five benefits of the fireplace screens. Read on and you’ll be amazed by them.

1.   Efficient and effective heating

It is revealed that only ten percent of firewood’s energy is converted into heat while the rest goes up to the chimney. The solution to this problem is the fireplace screen that doubles the efficiency of the fireplace by absorbing and emitting heat into the room. These screens conduct heat from the flames and function better than the open air. Also, they help produce more heat from the firewood making the room environment cozy and warm.

2.   Lessens heat and utility expenses

With an open fireplace, your monthly bills will reach the mountain top. Chimney dampers don’t provide a better seal and in this way, heat and air can’t be prevented from escaping or entering the room. These custom fireplace screens offer better air barriers than these chimney dampers.

The open-hearth lets the warm air of your room escape through the chimney and allows the cold air to enter the room. These fireplace screens function to stop such escaping and keep the room warm. This will stop you from switching on the electric or gas heaters and your bills will be lowered spontaneously.

3.   Keeps smoke out

Unexpected downdrafts from the chimney are quite troublesome, and sometimes even hazardous. Winter storms can cause the wind to blow down the chimney that scatters in the room making the air pollutant. The fireplace screens help in avoiding this problem, stop the smoke from entering the room, and save you from startling hazards.

4.   Enhances Beauty

Fireplace screens come in different patterns, designs, forms, and hues. Plenty of them are present to choose from. You may choose any of them that matches your living room theme. They’ll surely enhance the elegance and beauty of your living room.

5.   Conceals the dirty fireplace

The fireplace gives a pretty messy sight after the fire has died down. The glimpse of burnt woods and dark ashes is not an impressive vision. The fireplace screens help conceal such mess and save you from cleaning when you are not in the mood of doing so immediately.

So, if you have a fireplace in your living room, then you must consider getting a fireplace screen. It will assist you in avoiding a lot of the difficulties brought about by an open-hearth fireplace. Moreover, it will also make your living room stand out and make it look graceful as ever.

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