Choosing Electric Gate Openers | Important Factors to Note Down

An extra layer of security in your homes calls for electric gate openers that are a worthwhile investment. They will keep your homes securer and safer by keeping trespassers and unwanted guests away from your property. Plus, is it not more convenient to access the main gate remotely than opening it manually every time someone visits? Of course, it is. However, choosing the right gate for your property that not only enhances the curb appeal but also prevents privacy breaches is a confusing task. That’s because the market is flooded with confusing options and you may not know how to look. So, here we have assembled some essential actors as told by Gate Gurus that you must consider while searching for an electric gate opener.

  1. Size of the Gate 

An electric motor that converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy is involved in the gate opening procedure. Since different motors harness different powers, depending on their ability, not all gate openers work at the same power level. They are made according to the heaviness of the gate and the power required to either slide or swing the gate. You should therefore consider the weight and the size of the gate before heading to the market to get the right product. 

  1. Type of the Gate 

Electric gate openers come for two different gate styles — sliding doors and swinging doors, for which the opening operation differs. 

Sliding gate openers incorporate a chain that manages to move the gate in two dimensions using an operator. The operation here is simple and somewhat faster than the other type. 

Swinging gate openers, on the other hand, come with ram arms and pistons that are either operated through a jackscrew or hydraulic mechanism. The mechanics here are complex, which is why the time required for the operation is usually longer. 

  1. The Frequency of Use 

How much the opener is required hourly or daily basis is another factor that needs to be considered. It helps you choose the motor that can withstand the same amount of load without getting overworked up. The motors used for residential use are different and heavier than the ones used in offices, schools, or other commercial areas. 

The following are some categories of electric gate openers that you should be aware of… 

  • Residential – Manufactured to open the gate a few times, these gate kits are ideal for homes where the load is limited. 
  • Joint properties — properties with shared driveways and joint apartments fall into this category. The demand is usually higher than a single-family home, which is why higher duty cycles are required.  
  • Light Commercial — If the gate opens a few times every one or two hours, you may require gate kits made for light commercial use. Not to forget, these gates are also made to accommodate larger vehicles, for which they can open the gate faster and more widely. 
  • Commercial — The most powerful and efficient motors are needed for continuous commercial use. Here the gate is used many times per hour and is suitable for large vehicles as well. It is no surprise that these types of gat kits come with an exorbitant price. 
  1. Power Consumption 

Older versions of electric gate openers used to consume a prodigious amount of energy. Luckily, the latest models are highly energy-efficient to keep the electricity bill to a minimum. However, they still consume a considerable amount of power, especially the commercial units that operate day and night— not to mention, even in standby mode, they drain electricity to some degree. So, if you are seeking an electric gate opener make sure you have considered the added electricity consumption. 

  1. Working Temperature 

Every unit is designed to work under certain environmental conditions and temperatures. You must take into account the long- and short-term temperature and weather fluctuations and choose the product accordingly. Since they are placed outside, most of the models are water-resistant, gust-resistant, and insect-resistant. For extreme temperatures, however, you may have to stick to specific models. 

Moreover, snow is another factor that may hinder the gate kit’s performance. Imagine if there are many inches of snow in the path, the mechanism will have to work twice as hard. Here only the openers which are made for snowy weather will prove useful, and others will only add up to your monthly finance due to frequent repairs. 

  1. Price 

The price varies hugely and why would it not when there are so many types? It ranges from a few hundred bucks to many thousands, depending on the type of the machine. The ones made for residential usage are the cheapest, whereas commercial units can leave your bank empty. Yes! That’s how expensive they usually are.  

What’s more, they demand a monthly inspection and a yearly repair and replacement of the worn-out parts. Sometimes even more frequently, depending on the frequency of use and the environmental conditions.