Custom Decks – Trends of 2021

In the past year, we’ve seen a tragic pandemic unfold within our midst. As traveling restrictions have been put into place, life for many has come to a halting stop. 

As we enter a new year, a lot of people have missed seeing each other. As meeting up outdoors has been discouraged, more and more homeowners have invested in custom decks. Newly built decks have been a major trend, allowing people to continue family gatherings in the safety of their own homes. 

Why Custom Decks?

The best thing about having this is that it can match the ambiance of any home. Through the help of designers and trusted construction workers, you can have outdoor functional space for your home occasions.

Here are some reasons why custom decks can be your best investment this year:

  • Flexible and customizable to your house’s structure and design
  • Allows you to save money from dining out or renting event spaces.
  • Applicable for a variety of outside activities to stay healthy such as practising yoga, or playing with the kids.
  • Stray away from indoor claustrophobic areas that can cause odor or crowded family gatherings.
  • Better air ventilation is possible with an installation at home.

Deck Trends

In coming up with your custom decks, having mood boards can come in handy. If you prefer a modern style for your cozy outdoor space, exploring trends is highly recommended. 

Cityscape Bar Style

One unique installation style would be bar rooftops. Paragon Remodeling excels in building requests, where a cityscape bar can be seen in their portfolio. In this deck trend, comfortable open spaces are mixed with fancy elegant bar elements to create a brand new look and feel. And on top of that would be the presence of a picturesque view of the city skyline.

A popular trend for this deck would be to include black leather furniture and a pool to compliment the bar. However, styles can be individual and would depend on the place’s theme. 

Well-Lighted Classic Open Spaces

For home-owners looking for a time-tested option, this is likely your best choice. If you prefer to go with classic tones, and seamless white elements, this trend says ‘classic American home’ like no other. This kind of trend is usually the combination of white fenced areas, poles, and dainty couches with linen-fabric pillows.

This Paragon Remodeling design is a good way to put it into context. With classic clean staircases, these open spaces are functional as well as beautiful for your humble abode. Matching this with some neutral colors of wooden timeless classics are also a good way to emphasize its elegance.

There are usually two main ways to execute this kind of trend. One is to integrate it within your current openspace, making it a family area. The second is to align it with covered spaces. Having this option can be a good way to maintain pieces of wood that retain their painted surfaces rain or shine. But while these are just trends, it’s still up to you how you’d want to flesh it out!

Indoor Barbeque Picnic Style 

If you have a big family who loves having barbeque get-togethers, this deck trend is the one for you. You’ll be able to maximise that the enjoyment and energy your family will bring through this deck inspiration. This particular style connects your home directly to your house garden just like Paragon Remodeling’s portfolio pieces. 

This indoor barbeque picnic-style trend is one that makes the very most of your home. With its flexible classic style, lots of homeowners today are hiring contractors to build this type of deck. If you’re having this deck customized, wooden elements and owning a vast land outdoor area can complement this look nicely. 

Having elevated spaces is also a plus to accommodate large social settings. Complete your deck by using fall-like or forest-like colors and tones for your materials to match your outdoor landscape.

Beachfront Custom Decks

What better way to spend the time at home in quarantine than to replicate your kind of staycation? 

Beachfront or coastal area deck styles have been earning more attention than usual because of their unique design. While not all American houses have beach fronts, it’s one trend you can consider if you plan to own an indoor pool. Staycations have been booming lately and you can have your own safe haven with this type of design. 

To execute this trend perfectly, finding inspiration from popular coastal areas is also a good fit! Places like California, Greece, Hawaii, and other Pacific areas with beautiful coastal areas are a good place to start. Replicating elements from these places can be done in your remodeling.

Popular options are white fencing elements, sun loungers, while partnering it with various shades of blue fabrics. One element you shouldn’t miss is making this an open area because what’s beachfront without some sun, right?

Final Words

Whether you’re changing habits for the new year or changing how your home looks, change is good. For any home renovations or custom decks inquiries, Paragon Remodeling in Vienna, Virginia offers services for free estimates which you can inquire about now!

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