We all grow tired of our mundanely surroundings at times and the mind wishes for nothing but to give your space a quick makeover. Something that isn’t too expensive or time taking, that being said you may wonder what is it that can suffice our needs without emptying our coffers. The answer is simple: Cushions!

Introducing or changing cushions is an effective and budget-friendly way of redecoration; one can buy many cushions without worrying about wasting money, because hey! Cushions are comfortable to sleep with and can be used to enhance any living space including your lonely reading nook. 

Where should I buy from?

When it comes to cushions, there is a lot of variety available. So it’s possible you might end up with a bunch of cushions that’ll never be used, to avoid this, make sure you always jot down the details of what you need in your notes app or traditional style and keep it with yourself when shopping. Retailers and wholesalers can be a lot of help while you choose the right cushion if you show them a swatch of your curtain/ sofa or a picture. 

Some sellers even loan cushions to customers so that they may try them out before settling on buying any. So don’t forget to inquire about this service from your dealer.

What color and number should I get?

Before buying cushions always consider colors which might compliment your living space, as they are usually bursting with vivid patterns and a lot of floral ornamentation. If this gives you a decision paralysis, we suggest it’s best that you look up relevant color studies, as they contain a complete guide of color palettes and which hues blend best with which, hopefully this should clear up any confusion you might have.

The number of cushions that need to be bought depends on the space you wish to redesign. If it’s your bedroom, a classic requires four cushions meanwhile modern bedrooms with eccentric vibes usually demand cushions in odd numbers. Living room decor depends on the sofa sizes, generally, five cushions go with three-seater sofa, four with two-seater one and two with a sofa chair.

It must be noted that these are just popularly preferred settings; your personal preference is what actually matters. 

What size and fabric should I get?

Different sizes are suitable for different couches. Commonly larger couches have larger cushion and with smaller couches opt for more delicate ones. To preserve the creative interest of your eyes, get cushions with several colors so that the overall look isn’t too bland or minimalist. 

Certain materials are better suited for frequent use; these are long lasting fabrics and should be considered when buying cushion for your living room. The list includes: canvas velvet, sturdy drill and heavy cotton. Delicate stuff like silk, lace or motif cushions should be used for bedroom.

How should I care for my cushions?

  1. Regularly rinse your cushion and its cover to clean it of dirt or dust mites.
  2. Make sure you follow the laundry manuals while rinsing.
  3. Even if the cover is too worn to use, the inner can still be recycled and used with other covers.


A few cushions can change the entire look of your room, they are cheap, easy to buy and maintain. Cushions do not require a lot of care and are a lot less hectic alternative to its other decorative options such as sculptures, vases, Flowers and/ or vintage objects.

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