What Should I Pay Attention To During A Home Inspection?

Before entering your dream house, you’ll need to get that home inspected as there could be plenty of underlying problems which need to be detected. A professional home inspection like Sacramento home inspectors will clarify what must be fixed. If repairs are needed, it would be wise to ask the seller to complete the repairs from their end or reduce the sales value. 

If you hire a professional home inspector, make sure to ask the right questions and point out specific problems waiting to be addressed. A third-party home inspector will be impartial and show no loyalty towards the realtor, and you will be able to talk about all your problems freely and frankly. Hawkeye Home Experts is the best when it comes to Sacramento home inspectors.

A self home inspection isn’t as hard as it sounds. First, you have to trust your gut to check if the things are working as you think they should. Then, a competent home inspector will write a detailed report with images of their findings to help you analyze the most critical issues that need your immediate attention. 

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of home inspection

1. Roof

This is a primary problem among most homeowners. Studies report roofing problems result in the highest insurance claims. Roofing problems include defaults in construction, structure, ventilation, and framing. Ask the inspector to take photographs of the underlying problems for you to fully understand the problem.

2. Plumbing

This is a problem that needs to be thoroughly examined. To have to deal with a slow drain or losing water pressure are signs of larger plumbing issues. Ensure the quality of pipes, showers, sinks, and toilets.

3. Water drainage and sewer inspection

This is different from plumbing issues; potential damage inside the wall is pretty difficult to detect. However, if the gutters and spouts aren’t inspected properly, it can ruin the entire foundation of the home’s drainage system. 

Hawkeye Home Inspectors are the absolute best for Sacramento home inspectors. They save you from major headaches and heavy expenses. 

4. Electrical System

Don’t even begin to skip this step. Check the wirings, ceiling fans, light switches, and fuse board thoroughly. If it is an old home, ask for documents on the last inspected data and verify if it has been changed or verified in a reasonable time. 

5. Other Construction Elements

Other than all the major problems, some other areas need your attention, such as ceilings, slabs, joints, floor, walls, crawl spaces, attic, sidewalk, fences, and driveway. Check if there are any cracks, it may then be considered a danger and safety issue and require your immediate attention.


The right home inspector will not shy away from climbing the roof, crawling the basement, or walking through the entire attic space. They will not leave any space unattended. So do a final walk on the day of the closing of the sale agreement to enjoy your dream house peacefully. 

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