Beach Towels

Summer is in full swing, the days are hot and the body wishes for nothing but cool. It’s in this season that a lot of us turn to spend our days lounging in the sand by the seaside as we listen to the waves break against each other. We relax ourselves, wrap our bodies in a beach towel and let our mind drift to distant dreams and fantasies.

If you love killing time by the shore, occasionally taking a dip in the water before coming to languish on the beach again, why not invest in buying some beautiful beach towels? Because, what is summer by the sea, if not a perfect opportunity to live your aesthetic dreams and take lots of pictures for your Instagram feed.

It has the Perfect Size: 

Once the summer solstice begins and temperature increases up to 50 degree Celsius we all head to the nearest water bodies, be it a beach, Water Park or a community pool. A beach towel is usually 30×60 and can be used to:

  1. Dry your body after a swim
  2. As a resting cloth to lounge under the sun
  3. A picnic cloth to have fun with your friends

The fabric is Lightweight: 

Beach towels are made of a very lightweight material, making them easy to carry around during a hike or a walk on the beach. They are also perfect for towel drying after a bath or to use as a head wrap for wet hair. The material is breathable and allows quick drying.

It is very Comfortable:

Beach towels can be used as a bed spread, rolled into a pillow or as a sand mat, without experiencing any kind of discomfort or roughness as is usually with average towels. Beach towels are soft, gentle and not too rough on the skin, so a comfortable nap on them is guaranteed.

It has Vibrant Colors: 

Beach towels come in a wide range of colors, designs and prints. From subdued nude shades to bright shocking colors embellished with flamingo prints or other similar fruity vibes. This makes it a perfect accessory to have on a summer day out.

It is Affordable:

Although not quite as low prices as your regular towels, Beach Towels have better quality, larger size, fun prints and a lot more. It is a relatively affordable product, considering its numerous perks and benefits. If bought is bulk, beach towels are even less pricey and leave a great profit margin. This is especially great for people with large families or friend groups who love throwing a good party. This way the towels can be used as per needs and you wouldn’t have to worry about any friend being deprived a towel. 

It has a long lifespan:

Unlike the typical flimsy towel we have at home, beach towels are exceptionally long-lasting. Make sure that the towel you buy is:

  1. 100% cotton: to absorb moisture
  2. Fabric-dyed: to prevent the print from fading very quickly
  3. Selvage Hems: to prevent unraveling
  4. Looped Terry Cloth: to avoid rips in material
  5. Should be sand-free.


Beach towels are a better alternative to commonly available bath towels. They have a great quality and come in trendy and stylish designs. They are great for summers and can be used all year round too. Beach rowels are very absorbent and gentle to touch and guarantee great performance for years to come. Money spent on them is money well spent. 

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