Above Ground Pool Deck Maintenance

Having a beautiful pool deck laid with gorgeous wood is an enviable look. While it looks great, you want it to remain that way. Having a great deck is a good investment for the whole family. It gives you and your loved ones to relax in the sun after a day of swimming. On average, building a deck is not that costly, but it does require quite a bit of maintenance.

This is something you can definitely do yourself with a little bit of research.If youre interested in carpentry this it the right project for you-  Carpentry is among the top ten most popular self-employed jobs according to Lensa, so you can definitely build and maintain your deck without hiring someone and if it all works out you can even make it your side-gig or become self-employeed.


A very important thing you need to know how to do is clean your deck. It is very easy for the deck to get discolored, stained, and dirty. Probably the easiest way to remove all the gunk that can get trapped on and between the wood is to use a power washer. If you don’t have one, a garden hose with good water pressure will also suffice. If neither of these options are possible, you could also scrub the deck with a brush. 

The only issue with this is that it takes quite a bit of elbow grease and you get tired very easily. No matter which method you chose, for the best results, as well as for the protection of the deck, make sure to use a potent deck cleaning product as well as chemicals that are designed to get rid of the dirt. 

If you have problems with mildew and algae tainting your deck, bleach-based products will help you get rid of it. If you have tough stains or harsh watermarks on your deck, acid-based products will do the trick.

Make sure to coat your deck with these products. The product should set in a few minutes, but as most of these contain harsh chemicals, make sure to keep them away from your lawn or surrounding plants, as the products could easily damage them. In addition, while you are cleaning your deck, make sure to cover your pool, as you don’t want these harsh chemicals in the water you swim in. 

Once the product sets, scrub it with a brush or broom (if you are using a power washer, the pressure will do this for you), and then wash it all off with clean water. 

Staining and Sealing

With a little bit of research or watching tutorials online you’ll know what to do. To bring out the natural beauty of the wood you used for your deck, staining is a necessary thing to do. It will keep the wood looking new and fresh, basically glowing around the water and your lawn. 

You want to look for a finish that soaks into the wood, not one that just sits on top.  This gives a natural, cohesive look to the deck and doesn’t look like the stain is just painted on. If the wood is in good condition, you will probably want to use a finish with a light stain. This is so you can preserve the natural look of the wood. If you have an older deck, however, a darker stain would be a good choice, as it can help you cover up the less attractive, or slightly worn areas of the wood. 

For the most protection, consider using a finish that is waterproof, as well as give UV protection to the wood. This ensures the longevity of the quality of the wood as it won’t grow mildew from water damage or splinter from the drying nature of the sun. 

To seal the wood, wait until the wood is completely dry from the stain you applied. This might take a few days and if you are not sure if the wood is dry, pour a little water on it. If the water absorbs into the wood, you’re ready to seal the deck. You can either spray or paint the sealant onto the wood. It is a smart choice to paint if you want to make sure the sealant stays away from any plants or grass around your deck as you don’t want to damage them with the harsh chemicals. 

Wait for the sealant to dry and you’re all done! Make sure to both stain and seal your deck every few years to keep it looking as best as the day it was built. If youre still unsure of what pool deck material you should go for consider all the maintenance and cost that go after the purchase. 

Structural Damage

Something very important to pay attention to is to inspect your deck for structural damages. A deck is essentially just wood and nails, so it is very easy for structural issues to occur. Watch out for loose nails, shaky floorboards, and rickety railings, and if anything needs replacing, make sure to do it as fast as possible before a part of your deck collapses, possibly injuring you, a pet, or god forbid, a family member. To avoid damage of any kind, it is best to inspect your deck every two to three years to stay on top of any issues.