Checklist: Working With a Moving Company

If you decide to move with a moving company, you have to work through a checklist just as you would if you were moving on your own. Clients always have different ideas about the service package of a moving company. Here the question arises immediately: Can the moving company meet my expectations? To ensure that everything runs smoothly during the move, the following checklist must be followed.

1. Search and Find a Moving Company

If a person or family is looking for a moving company, it is already certain that the move will take place. The date results from the notice period of the previous living quarters no matter whether it is a rental relationship or the owner-occupied property is sold. Of course, there are also spontaneous moves, but even in such a situation no one should be rushed and must work through the checklist in peace.

Moving companies advertise online on various websites. They are also active on social media. If you simply enter the keyword “moving company” on a platform, you will receive numerous hits. Otherwise, the search engines remain on the Internet. If you don’t have online access, buy a regional newspaper and browse through the offers there. Alternatively, the consumer center remains, the employees there help in the search for a reputable moving company.

2. Let Cost Estimate Provide

What packages does offer, for example? First of all, it is important to read the information on the website carefully. In addition to the offers, the imprint and the terms and conditions should also be viewed. Only then should customers request a cost estimate. To do this, the moving company needs a list of all the items to be moved. Alternatively, moving companies offer an inspection appointment and check the volume of the move on the basis of a site inspection.

Consumer protection recommends that at least three cost estimates be sent to you, stating the services required. The company that meets the conditions and offers good value for money is the best moving provider. The services include, among others, the provision of boxes and cardboard boxes, packing and unpacking of boxes, disassembly and assembly of furniture. In addition, transportation should be provided by the NYC commercial movers.

3. The Moving Day

On the moving day, there are many movements. It is important to make sure that all the belongings are stowed in the van before leaving the previous living quarters. During the moving phase, customers should always be available to the moving team for questions and intervene if something goes differently than agreed. If any damage occurs while the living quarters are being cleared out, it must be documented in detail.

Employees are responsible for their own meals during working hours. However, they are not allowed to leave the work site and dine at a distant restaurant. Customers may voluntarily offer the team something to eat and drink, because the heavy work takes a lot of energy. Care should be taken to ensure that movers drink plenty of fluids when temperatures are high.

4. After Arrival at the Destination

Now it is a matter of unpacking everything promptly. It is best for clients to let the moving team know beforehand where which boxes will go. They must be labeled so that there is no chaos. Only then can the moving company’s employees empty the boxes and place the contents in the correct cabinets. Even during unloading, make sure that all utensils are really cleared out.

Finally, the condition of the entire household goods must be checked in the presence of an employee of the moving company. Any damage must be documented immediately and sent to the company management once it has been recorded. Tip: Before the move, take out additional moving insurance that significantly exceeds the legal insurance value.

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