7 Brilliant Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

Having enough storage space in your bathroom is a common request from homeowners. Unfortunately, cosmetics and other hair products can begin to take up space, leaving your bathroom looking messy. The good news is there are many alternative ways to store items in your bathroom.

Here are 7 space-saving ideas to implement in your bathroom

  1. Build a Vanity Unit
  2. Create a cabinet above the basin.
  3. Install basket rails.
  4. Build wall racks for makeup and hair products.
  5. Get a bathroom cart.
  6. Utilize the back of your bathroom door.
  7. Purchase adhesive hooks for hair tools.

7 Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

1. Build A Vanity Unit

A Vanity Unit is a contemporary design that incorporates a basin and storage unit together. Typically wooden or covered in Formica, this stylish furniture is built under the basin. As a result, it provides more storage space for your bathroom. Saving space while improving the beauty of your bathroom is when a vanity unit is at its best.

2. Create a Cabinet Above The Basin

Rather than cluttering your basin or sink with items like toothbrushes, razors and the likes, you could create a small cabinet right above the basin to accommodate these essentials. That way, your bathroom sink is free from all these items, and you can easily keep it neat. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. If you want to go a step further, then you can get a handy electric toothbrush holder installed into the wall to keep it out of the way.

3. Install Baskets On Rails

This creative idea would require you to install rails on the wall and hang baskets on the rails. The basket can hold towels, accessories or makeup products. Not only is the concept extremely space-saving, but it also makes your bathroom look stylish and elegant.

4. Build Wall Racks For Makeup and Hair Products

If you have lots of makeup and hair products cluttering your bathroom counter and nowhere else to put them, this idea is just what you need. Select a portion of your bathroom walls, build 3 or 4 small racks of even spaces on them and arrange the different products on each of the racks according to your preference. Now you have extra space to put those hair sprays and face primer on.

5. Get A Bathroom Cart

Another exciting way to increase storage space in your bathroom is by getting a bathroom cart. Bathroom carts are practical for storing toiletries, towels or lotions. They are an easy and affordable option to create extra space in your bathroom. This and many more storage ideas can easily be implemented in a small bathroom.

6. Utilize The Back Of The Door

Behind the bathroom door remains one of the most used storage ideas in many homes. This is because it is very cost-effective and versatile. You could attach racks, hang towels on the door, or install little pocket spaces to hold smaller items. Just with this idea, you can discover more bathroom storage inspirations.

7. Purchase Adhesive Hooks For Hair Tools

Adhesive wall hooks can also serve as bathroom storage space for holding tools like a hairdryer or hair straightener. You can attach the adhesive hooks to the walls or back of the cabinet or bathroom door.

Be Creative

Your bathroom doesn’t always have to be messy or cluttered. There are so many brilliant ideas and concepts that you can try to increase your bathroom’s storage space. So allow your creative juices to flow, and don’t be scared of experimenting with new space-saving ideas.