Advantages Of Having A Two Story House

One of the most important house design decisions to make is whether or not to have a one-story or a 2 storey home. It’s vital to consider needs vs wants and lifestyle when considering the house style. The area, block size, and the lot will also be contributing factors. 

More Ideas For Small Blocks

If you’re close to a city and need to keep your home affordable, you’ll likely be dealing with a smaller-sized house. There are many areas in the suburbs and regional areas that are simply smaller than others. Of course, this means that you’ll have to use your space more efficiently because space, as we all know, is essential. The easiest way to deal with a small-sized lot is to build up not out. 

When you stack space instead of spreading out, you’ll still maintain a decent-sized living area and decent-sized bedrooms. You’ll also have plenty of space for double garages and the like. You can even squeeze in a backyard to use for gardening or relaxing and or, if desired, a swimming pool. None of this would be possible if the house were only one story on the same sized block. 

Kids and pets will appreciate a backyard. If you like to entertain, an alfresco dining area may also be nice. Double-story homes are an excellent option for narrow lots or sloping lots that may be more challenging to fit single-story homes on. When you spend less on the land, you’ll likely have more to spend on the house. You can have the space that you want by building it up. 

Separate Living Areas

When you spread the living area and bedrooms out over two stories, you’ll be able to create more unique areas and separation areas. Consider a downstairs guest suite or master suite. Other bedrooms could be upstairs so that there is more privacy. 

Kids can watch television in a lounge in the downstairs area while you’re at work in the office upstairs or enjoying dinner with friends while others sleep. Teens will enjoy the more popular designs of having their retreats and privacy. 

By utilizing space you can create unique areas that are relaxing as well as socializing areas. Consider your lifestyle and any personal requirements as well with personalised faceplates. You can make a two-story house ideally designed for you without it costing too much. Simply optimize the size of the property so that you come home to a home that you enjoy. 

Enjoy The Outlook

By building higher, you’ll have more options for maximizing views that you may have on your property. You can also improve the naturally available light in your home. The upper story often has skylights and more to improve the view and natural lighting. 

Two-story homes are frequently more impressive. They offer more street appeal and look nice. It’s an option to consider your home style however if you’re going to be surrounded by one-story homes it may not be a viable option in some locations. 

There are many options to consider when deciding whether or not to build a single story or two-story home. Consider space, location, area, options such as views and lot size as well as convenience for you and your family. It all boils down to your personal lifestyle preferences and requirements but a two-story house has many great options that you may wish to consider, especially if you need more space than a single-story house can offer you and your family.