8 Smart Home Improvements That Boost Value (2022 Edition)

Home improvements can come in many different forms. It could be a fresh lick of paint in the living room. It might be tidying up your garden space or installing some shelving units. With that said, there are certain home improvements that can go a lot further in boosting your property’s value. 

Going with home improvements that also maximize the value of your home makes a lot of sense. As well as adding the extra comfort and benefits you seek with these improvements, it places you in the best position to jump up the property ladder. 

If you’re not sure where to start with upgrades to your house, help can be found below. Listed are eight smart home improvements that can significantly increase the value of your property. 

1. Convert the garage 

Is your property fortunate enough to have its own garage? Are you not using this space to store any vehicles? Do you also benefit from outside parking space? If you have answered “Yes” to all three questions, converting your garage is a recommended route to take. 

A garage can be transformed into everything from an additional bedroom to a kitchen extension (depending on location). This additional living space is generally valued more than a standard garage, which naturally helps to add to the value of your home. 

2. Transform your outdoor space

Even if you only have a small patch of outdoor space, ensure you make the most of it. Even something as simple as a patio or deck can transform a basic garden into a space for entertaining. You can even go further out there by adding a conservatory or summer house if your budget allows. 

However, simply tidying up your garden and making it more presentable can make a large difference. You don’t have to get out the lawnmower or a gardening magazine, either. You can hire a specialist to take care of your landscaping needs. Grass Works, an expert Horseshoe Bay landscaping and lawn care company, is an example of a landscaper that can do everything from sprucing up your garden to transforming the entire space. 

Making your outdoor space visually appealing is especially important when you’re actively trying to sell your home. Remember: first impressions are integral, so ensuring your property has curb appeal is necessary. 

3. Kitchen expansion

A spacious kitchen is one of the most desirable components for homeowners. As a result, if your kitchen is currently a little cramped and on the small side, look into ways in which you can expand this area of your home. 

As mentioned above, you could potentially use your garage as a way to expand your kitchen. One of the most effective ways, however, is to go with a conservatory as your kitchen’s extension. Not only can this supply the area with a massive size increase, but it also introduces additional natural lighting and makes the space more pleasing overall. 

4. Bathroom update

Admittedly, this point is applicable for any room in your home that requires a refresh. However, a full bathroom update is one of the most effective – and quickest – ways to instantly increase your property’s value. 

When doing a bathroom update, it’s important to go with quality. Cheap cabinets and fittings are not going to add the value you seek. Well-made cabinetry and other features are going to be a significant initial outlay, but they’re also guaranteed to add value to your house. 

Design also plays an integral role. An overly unique design that only appeals to you, for instance, isn’t going to work. You need to go with a layout that is modern, stylish, and accepted by the general consensus. 

5. Extra storage

In this day and age, additional storage is a welcomed addition to any property – and it’s one that can give your home a nice value increase. As for what extra storage entails, this can range from an eye-catching walk-in closet in your master bedroom to a farmhouse shed. 

One of the most desirable forms of storage, however, is a pantry. Even if this is just a small box area, one that is simply a repurposed coat closet, it will be welcomed by potential buyers. Creating an effective pantry also doesn’t require much work. Simply install some shelves, and you’ve got a space ready for storing non-perishables and other products. 

6. Go with an open-plan living area 

Are you unable to justify the cost of an extension? If so, consider going with an open-plan design, removing the wall which separates your living room and kitchen. Assuming the wall isn’t load-bearing, you can even save more money by doing the job on your own. 

Open-plan living is beneficial and popular for various reasons. It helps to instantly create more space. It keeps your family together, where those cooking in the kitchen are not isolated from those relaxing in the living room. It’s also great for bringing in additional natural light to the space. 

7. Add an extra room with a loft conversion 

Rather than simply using your loft to store possessions you can’t quite part with, convert this space to add an extra room to your property. The extra living space this provides is a great way to add to your home’s value. 

As for what to do with a loft conversion, a popular option is to turn it into an additional bedroom. However, there are many possibilities in that regard, whether you want a games room or home office. 

8. Incorporate smart tech

Installing smart technology is a great way to modernize your home while increasing its value. Smart tech upgrades are all about increasing convenience and comfort, which means they are always a welcome addition. 

There are numerous smart tech options to go with for your house. These options include smart security, energy management, and entertainment systems. Regarding the latter, you might take your entertainment system with you once you move out, but the remaining infrastructure can still deliver added value to your property. 

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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