8 Home Repairs and Renovations You Won’t Want to Do Yourself

Let’s face it: Most of us spend a lot of time looking for ways to save money, especially on big-ticket items like home repairs and renovations.

However, there are certain things you probably don’t want to do yourself after you’ve seen a DIY video on YouTube. Here are eight areas of your home where you’ll more likely want to hire professional help.

  • Roof Repairs and Replacements

The roof is one of the most critical facets of a house. Trying to tackle a task like replacing the entire cover for the structure requires a professional roofer to ensure not only the safety of the person who performs the work but the safety of the entire house as well.

Plus, most roof repairs and replacements include a warranty that you won’t get if you do it yourself.

  • Gas Lines

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, if not fatal, not only to the residents of the house but possibly also to the entire neighborhood.

Work on a gas line requires a specialty plumber. The individual must be licensed to do this kind of job, because gas lines are intricate pipe systems that are routed both inside and outside of the structure.

  • Plumbing

Many people who try to DIY their way through a plumbing problem in their home often end up only placing a temporary bandage on the problem, at best. They may end up causing more damage than if they leave the work to a professional.

A plumber can find the underlying problem and address it at the root, which will save you both time and money over the long run.

  • Electric

You might not be aware that several states require any electrical work to be handled by a licensed electrician. Some minor work might be doable on your own, any major repair has to be performed by an electrician.

A certain quality standard must be met in the execution of electrical work. That can be done only by a professional rather than a mere homeowner such as yourself.

  • Wall Removal

You may be tempted to take a sledgehammer to a wall to save yourself money. But when you seek to open up a room and create more space, you’d be wise to hire a professional contractor.

Specific elements in the framework of a house keep it standing solidly. A professional will be able to tell what is the safest and most effective way to achieve your desired design without risking the security of your house.

  • Countertop Installation

Installing countertops yourself might save you money, but it isn’t going to save you time or prevent a potentially massive headache. Countertop installation requires extremely precise measurements and the right tools.

A bonus when you have a professional company do the work is that many offer insurance and liability to ensure quality, long-lasting installation.

  • Tile Flooring

If you’ve ever thought about installing new tile floors yourself, better think again. It’s a much more tedious and complicated task than you might assume.

Many renovation errors can be avoided, such as the tiles not being level or the grout failing to end up as clean, when you have a professional do the work. If you’re going to spend a large amount of money on a new tile floor anyway, why not leave it to the pros to make sure it gets done right?

  • Window Installation

Many older houses often could use window replacement, because they still have single-pane windows. These cost extra money on your monthly energy bills because they don’t insulate anywhere near as well as double-pane.

New energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference not only to your wallet but to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Window installers are required to be licensed so you know you’re going to be in good hands when you hire a professional. If you install them improperly yourself, you could put yourself at risk of having to live with inefficient windows, which is the opposite of what you wanted from them in the first place.


As you start to think about the types of repairs and renovations you might make, think about how much you’ll spend. This is an investment that shouldn’t be left to a YouTube tutorial.

Hire a professional who is licensed, certified, and credible. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money instead of trying to do these kinds of renovations yourself.


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