8 Benefits Of Installing Skylights In Your Home

As you build your home, you need to ensure that everything’s in tip-top shape. While you can purchase the sturdiest material, it’ll be best if you could make the most out of every space available, and that includes your roof. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a skylight in your home where you can see the morning and night sky without having to step outside?  

When designing your home, you’ve probably come across different home inspirations you’d like to achieve in your home. With that, you probably see some few skylights as it adds beauty to one’s residence. If you’re planning to add them, you should look for suitable window suppliers near you to ensure that they’re of excellent quality.  

While adding skylights can be beautiful, there are plenty of benefits you could get from them, such as the following:  

Increases Natural Daylight 

If your neighborhood is too crowded and you can’t get natural light inside your home through your wall’s windows, having a skylight will significantly benefit you. With a skylight, you no longer have to worry about how the natural light will come through, even if you have close neighbors next to you. With this, you can allow the light to come inside from your ceilings, and it should light up your home evenly.  

With a skylight, there’ll be natural daylight flow inside your home, especially if you have an area in your household where it has no sunlight. A skylight should provide a steady and even light flow that can increase the appearance of your home during the day.  

Provides Solar Heating 

If you’re living in colder climates, installing skylights would be beneficial. With it, you can expect that it can help to warm up the room to an optimal temperature during the day, allowing you to enjoy the indoor environment.  

Since you’re adding windows to your roof, you’re allowing the sun to peep through, including the heat that it brings. With that, you can anticipate the inside of your home to be warmer than usual. In this way, you no longer need to wear thicker coats or jackets and might even just enjoy wearing your everyday winter clothing inside with the heater on.  

Promotes Fresher Air 

If you’d like to avoid opening your wall windows as they’re too close to the road and you don’t want pollution to head inside, having a skylight can actually be advantageous.  

A skylight isn’t just there for decoration, but some types enable you to open them so you can allow the fresh air to come inside your home.  All you need to do is to push them open so you can enjoy the fresh air without having to step outside. 

Moreover, a skylight can also help with ventilation. If your home is too stuffy and you don’t have healthy air circulation inside, opening your skylight can help to promote ventilation, allowing you to breathe better.  

You can open the skylight if you’d like fresh and cold air inside so you don’t have to turn down the heat and allow the natural temperature outside to come in. This will help to make the room colder without spending too much energy.  

Encourages Good Health  

If the natural sun doesn’t hit the side of your windows, installing a skylight can invite them inside. If you prefer to stay indoors while trying to keep yourself healthy, a skylight can bring natural light inside and provide you with vitamin D, which can help maintain good bone and muscle health.  

With a skylight, you no longer need to step out and endure the pollution just to get your daily dose of this natural vitamin when you can easily enjoy them inside your home. This will allow you to stay healthy without having to go outside and expose yourself to other external elements. 

Allows You to See the Stars 

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at the sky full of stars? It’s incredible how beautiful the world is, especially during nighttime. You can just see and enjoy the night sky twinkling with diamonds. However, stepping outside to see them might not be the best option, especially that it can be pretty dangerous if you don’t live in a safe neighborhood. With a skylight, you can enjoy the stars inside your home.   

To maximize your skylight during the night, strategically place them in an area where there’s an open space just below it where you can lay down blankets and allow everyone to lay down and enjoy the stars light up the entire sky. This could be a great alternative to camping if it’s too scary to head outside, particularly with the current coronavirus situation. In this way, you can enjoy the stars without having to run out. Did you know that you can register a star in the star registry and name it after someone? Pretty cool, especially if you can see it from through the skylight.

Privacy Satisfaction  

With a crowded neighborhood, it’s understandable that you don’t want anyone to be able to see what’s inside your home, even if you have your blinds or curtains on. During the day, you basically have no choice but to open your blinds and windows so you can allow the natural light in. While that can make the day better, you’re also allowing your neighbors to see what’s inside. Even if it may seem to be harmless for some, it’ll be best to promote maximum security inside your home.  

If you’d like to skip opening your curtains and blinds during the day but would still love inviting the sunlight to come inside, adding a skylight should be able to do the trick.  

A skylight can invite maximum light to come inside your home without sacrificing your privacy. Unless someone goes into your roof, privacy shouldn’t be an issue. In this way, you can enjoy the light without allowing strangers to see what’s happening inside your home.  

Saves With Electricity Bill 

Since installing skylights can bring natural light inside your home, you no longer need to open your lights so you can make your home brighter. In this way, you can allow your household to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. Even if you only skip using lights during the day, you spend most of the night sleeping, so you don’t need to use light, allowing you to save money.  

Apart from using the skylight as your new light source, it can also help with heating your room. With that, you might even consider turning off your heater during the day and allow the heat of the sun to warm up your entire place. In this way, you can save on your electricity bill and be more economical with your way of living.  

As you save money when you choose to turn off your lights, heaters, or air conditioning units, you’re also helping to protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. This would be a simple way you can do to lessen your environment’s pollution.  

Increases Your Property Value 

Not every household has a skylight. When you choose to install one in your home, you can expect that it’ll increase your property value which allows you to sell it for a higher price; if you wanted to.  

When a potential home buyer visits a house, they get excited to see when there’s plenty of natural light that comes inside. It’s an indication that it can help with reducing cost along with providing a natural and safe ambiance inside. Not everyone feels entirely safe inside a room where everything is dark and hidden. With a skylight, you can invite as much light inside your home, charming your potential buyers.  

Moreover, the added beauty of having a skylight can be a deciding factor for some property owners, especially if they love the benefits of having one inside. After all, a skylight truly makes a home look fabulous. 

Types Of Skylight  

As you’re interested in the benefits of having a skylight in your home, you might be looking for a supplier right away. But before you contact a good company, you should first be aware of the different types of skylight options available. 

Modern retro design in a attic / loft. Small vintage table with a radio on and two reading chairs under two skylights.

If you’re just building your home, you can choose your ceiling according to your choice. However, for your pre-existing home, you need to adjust to which skylight would only work for you.  

Pyramid Skylight  

If you’d like to have an eye-catching skylight in which it covers the majority of your roof, having a pyramid skylight can surely enhance the room’s overall appearance.  

With a pyramid skylight, you can allow additional light to come inside your home and bounce around the walls, allowing for a brighter room. Ideally, a pyramid skylight is best to apply at gardening spaces, mudrooms, or any room that you have in your house that’s between an indoor and outdoor experience. In this way, you can keep everything inside your walls while allowing nature to flow seamlessly inside. 

Ventilated Skylight 

Not every skylight comes with a workable window that allows you to open, enabling the wind to come in. If you’re choosing to add a skylight to make the room well-ventilated, having a ventilated skylight would be the best option for you.  

A ventilated skylight is perfect for living rooms and kitchens, which requires the most need for ventilation and air. Moreover, this would be an ideal fit if you already have floor-to-ceiling windows acting as an extension. In this way, you can allow more sunlight and air to come through your house.  

Fixed Skylight 

Unlike ventilated skylights, a fixed skylight is a plain glass that you install on your roof, which you cannot open. This would be a perfect addition to your bedroom or garage in which you don’t necessarily need ventilation to flow inside the room. 

Ideally, you should install a fixed skylight in hard-to-reach areas since you won’t be able to touch the skylight entirely. Not only that you won’t stress yourself with trying to open them, but it can add a dramatic beauty inside the room. Along with this, a fixed skylight has a thinner frame, allowing for a seamless look when you decide to place many skylights together. 

Tubular Skylight 

If you’d like to have a skylight, but your roof doesn’t have much space, going for a tubular skylight would be the best option for you. Unlike the traditional skylight, a tubular skylight doesn’t come in a rectangular shape. They’re usually in a tube that goes all the way to the roof and will allow the light to pass through your ceilings.  

Unlike the traditional skylight, a tubular skylight only brings in the light inside your home. Unfortunately, you’ll not be able to see the view of the sky from your skylights as their form only allows light to pass through.  

Tilt Window Skylight 

Unlike a ventilated skylight, a tilt window skylight’s primary purpose is to be a window rather than be a skylight. Usually, you’ll see a tilt window skylight on the attics where there’s not much wall to place a window on but only on the sides of the roof. 

With a tilt window skylight, you can allow the room to have a window and skylight at the same time. While it might appear as a large window when you’re inside, it can look like a skylight when you see the house’s exterior, making it the perfect window solution to your attic. You can trust the experts from Clear-Vue Skylights with skylight installation in Orlando.

Custom Skylight 

If you just cannot find the perfect shape of skylight for your home, you can create a custom skylight that’s just for you.  

If you’d like to have a skylight that has a unique shape as you don’t want it to be completely plain and flat, going for a custom skylight allows you to design your skylight, enabling your home to be indeed one of a kind. 

With a custom skylight, not only that you’ll be able to achieve your desired results, but you’ll also be able to have the perfect home like no other. It’ll be an excellent highlight for your house that you’ll surely enjoy having every day. 


Skylight truly adds beauty to your home. Not only can you enjoy the view outside straight from your couch, but you can also get to enjoy plenty of benefits with them installed in your homes. 

One of the best benefits you could get is that you can finally allow more natural light to come inside without spending more money. While a skylight can be energy-saving, it can add elegance inside your home, allowing you to increase your home value.  

Moreover, there are plenty of skylight types you could choose from. Just ensure that you go for the best time that fits your needs and budget. In this way, you can truly enjoy the benefits of having a skylight inside your home.

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