7 Tips to Make Your Office Space More Productive

While an office is typically designed to be a productivity hub, that isn’t always the case. While we can’t expect every workspace to look and feel like Google’s headquarters, there are several simple ways to make any office more productive. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, having a productive workspace can make all the difference in your workflow. Here are some simple tips that will help you create an efficient and creative environment where you can get stuff done. 


Clutter is often a distraction, so start by removing anything unnecessary from your desk to free up some space. This includes papers, notes, and other items that have been sitting around for too long. It’s also a good idea to keep only the things you need on your desk, such as your computer and mouse pad. 

To make sure you’re working at top efficiency during your time in the office, decluttering should be regularly done to keep the workspace tidy. It may involve donating unwanted items or taking out obsolete technologies, but these simple steps will help to streamline your efficiency on a regular basis. 

The easier it is for you to find what you need in an organized manner, the more productive you’ll be. Staying on task by cleaning off your desk frequently might seem like an unwelcome chore at first, but adhering to a regular decluttering regimen will do wonders for both your mental health and progress towards whatever goals you set for yourself.

Add Potted Plants

The average office can be quite bereft of life and energy, which is why incorporating plants into the workspace can make all the difference. Potted plants bring with them the unique ability to promote productivity, calmness, and creativity in any space they inhabit. The urge to nurture a plant in your office is inherent in everyone, as it prepares our brains by triggering emotional appreciation. 

Even just looking at a potted plant has been found to reduce stress levels, while increased exposure to oxygen produced by these plants helps keep us alert throughout the day. True to their simplistic nature, potted plants instantly add an effortless and elegant vibe to any desk or countertop.

Add Privacy Screens

If you work in an open-floor office, it can be difficult to focus when there’s noise or movement all around you. To block out distractions, try adding privacy screens around your workspace or using noise-canceling headphones. You can do this by adding acoustic walls which can also improve sound quality if you always do video calls.

Not only can they help divide work areas if your office is partitioned, but they can also absorb sound and dampen unwanted noise. Additionally, privacy screens can help define boundaries between employees, which can both increase productivity by providing more focus as well as provide comfort that doesn’t come with open floor plans. 

Security screens add another layer of practicality and comfort in the office that helps it run smoothly without sacrificing style or efficiency. Privacy screens come in many shapes, sizes and patterns that allow you to express yourself while kicking productivity into high gear.

Allow Enough Lighting

Your office needs to be well-illuminated in order to help create the ideal ambiance for getting work done, it’s more than just the stairs for turning on the lights. Natural lighting is key when it comes to productivity levels; research has found that workers perform better when exposed to natural light than artificial light alone. If possible, try to position yourself near windows and add task lamps so that you have adequate lighting throughout the day. 

Natural light from windows can help make an office space look more inviting and also connected to its surroundings; however, this can also be supplemented with other sources like task lighting or overhead lamps to fill in any gaps. With sufficient brightness comes increased energy levels, improved morale, and boosted focus all around. Correctly considering your lighting equation means you too can achieve peak productivity.

Pick Right Furniture 

The right furniture pieces can make all the difference when it comes to comfort levels at work; pick furniture that encourages good posture and allows you to move freely throughout the day without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

When it comes to furniture, opt for comfortable yet ergonomic options as they help ensure everyone has adequate back support and won’t need to stand up after just a few minutes of sitting. If possible, it’s also important to try and ensure everyone has their own desk instead of relying on shared space groupings so that employees have their own personal areas.

Add a Personal Touch

A bland, uniform environment not only fails to inspire creativity, it can also put a damper on motivation. If you’re looking to make the most of your workspace and increase employee engagement, it’s time to add a personal touch. This doesn’t have to mean expensive changes or radical renovations; rather, start by making small adjustments that honor and reflect the culture of your company. Hang up photos of people or projects that the team has worked on. 

Adding personal touches like photos of family members or artwork can help make your workspace feel more inviting and comfortable for both yourself and those around you; this will also remind you of why it is necessary for you to stay focused on being productive.

Modify for Comfort

Don’t forget about modifying your workspace in order to suit your individual needs, adjust chair heights or desks according to what works best for you and invest in ergonomic accessories like wrist rests if necessary, these small changes will go a long way towards making sure that your workspace is comfortable enough for maximum productivity levels. 

Setting up an office space should mean more than picking out furnishings and building physical walls, it should also mean finding ways to make the space more productive and efficient. To do this, you need to consider how architecture and design can play a role in creating less distractions. Making these small changes can help turn an ordinary work space into a modern office oasis, perfect for helping one unleash their creativity and supercharge their productivity.