6 Tips To Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s exterior is the first point of contact for your visitors. It represents your style, and you’d want it to look outstanding. Your home’s exterior also uniquely appeals to and attracts your loved ones. They’ll feel happy living in a serene environment.

The right exterior enhancements can improve your curb appeal. This can also increase your home’s value if you sell it. So, making suitable adjustments to refresh your home’s exterior is essential. On that note, here are six tips to refresh your home’s exterior:

1. Do Some Paint Job

Painting your home’s exterior is a unique way of giving the house a facelift. A new fresh coat of paint gives your home a new lease. For one, it removes the peeling from old paint. It also illuminates the home’s fixtures and seals any wear and tear marks on your house structure. However, choosing an appropriate exterior color for your home can be daunting.

Home’s Exterior

Consider the factors highlighted below to make an informed color choice decision:

  • Identifying your home style leads you to pick coordinated paints for your exterior.
  • Consider the distinctive features of your home that could be tough to change. These features include driveways and roof shingles. It’d be best to choose shades that tie the segments together harmoniously. 
  • Your home’s architectural style can help you choose historically accurate colors. 
  • The paint’s visual effect on your home helps you blend your exterior paint with the landscape. 

If you’re considering doing some paint job on your home exterior, you must be thorough with the color choice. Click this link for more insights on exterior paint color choices.

2. Landscape With Flowers And Plants

Plants and flowers add life to your exterior. You can plant them along your pathways and driveway or in your backyard. Some flowers like lavender and jasmine shouldn’t miss out on your collection. Their relaxation and calming effects make them suitable for your home landscaping.

Before planting the flowers, it’s best to research their adaptation and characteristics. For instance, some do well with little rainfall, and others can survive in the shade. That way, you’ll be sure they’ll survive the conditions at your place. It’s a great call to plant varieties of flowers and plants. When they bloom, you get various flowers that add texture to your exterior. 

3. Install Light Fixtures

Light makes your place look lively, especially at night. Light up your home’s exterior if you love sitting outside or dining out in the evening. You can also use the light fixtures as decor. For your exterior settings, pendants can be a great choice. 

Luckily, light fixtures are available in several illustrations. They include:

  • cords
  • bowls
  • drums
  • lanterns

Light fixtures on your home’s exterior give the space a classy and modern feel. You can also have fun with the light fixtures by adopting decorative lighting ideas like those with animal illustrations.

4. Makeover Your Front Porch

Adding a front porch is another excellent idea to refresh your home’s exterior. Painting your porch is the fastest and easiest way to transform the entryway. Subtle colors like gray and ocean blue can calm and relax your home. If you want the area to pop and shine, use bright colors like red and orange. Alternatively, you can have fun with the colors by combining different hues.

Furthermore, you can spruce up your porch by adding some flower decor. You can grow the flowers in pots and strategically line them. You can also use climbing plants to decorate the area. It gives your home’s exterior a new facelift.

5. Replace Your Roof

The roof is one of the commonly ignored home features. But if it’s wrong, it’s highly noticeable. Remember that your home’s roof significantly affects your curb appeal. It can become one of the best-selling features for your home. While at it, you’d want to consult a professional on the appropriate hues for your roofing. You can also ask for the best material to match your home’s architectural and structural design.

The material used in making the roof can influence the cost of the roof. For instance, concrete roofs are more versatile and costly than iron sheets. All the same, remember to choose a roof that can withstand the weather elements in your area. Low-quality roofing might not be sustainable if your location is affected by severe weather conditions such as storms and hails. You can consult an exterior expert to guide you on the most appropriate roofing for your home.

6. Clad Your Exterior Walls

Refreshing your home exterior can also improve your home’s functionality. Cladding is an excellent approach to improving your home’s functionality. One advantage is that it provides thermal insulation to your home. It also reduces the risk of leakages since it’s attached to the exterior structure.

Most homeowners clad their home exterior to enjoy the benefits and give it a new look. While at it, you’d want to ensure that the type of material you use for cladding matches the home structure. For instance, if you have brick walls, you can use concrete for cladding. Other materials used in cladding include glass, wood, and fiberglass.


Your home’s exterior is one way to captivate and excite everyone that comes to your home. It also elaborates on your style and preferences. Try the suggested tips above to refresh your home’s exterior by making it unique and captivating. Remember, you’ll need a professional to guide you on some projects like replacing the roof. You can also consult on the best colors to paint on your exterior.