Give Your Home A Facelift: 3 Popular Exterior Improvements


Whether you’re trying to get your home in shape in advance of a sale or simply ready to upgrade your abode, home renovations are big business and there are countless improvements you can make, no matter the size of your home. 

Where, then, should you begin? These 3 upgrades are among the most popular and, if you’ve got your eye on financial matters, can generate the greatest return on investment when your home goes to market.

Start Where There’s Damage

When renovating or upgrading your home’s exterior, you always want to begin with any area of your home that has actual damage. These may not be the most lucrative repairs to make in terms of return on investment, but they are necessary in terms of structural integrity and safety. For example, if your roof needs to be repaired because it’s leaking or you have a crack in your foundation, that should take priority over putting in a patio. 

Other areas that should be quickly and thoroughly addressed if damaged are the siding and windows. Both siding and windows play an important role in your home’s overall integrity, so be sure to evaluate their condition. If you’re not sure where to start, experts in home exterior repairs can help you check for warping, gaps, and other issues that indicate your home may need some repairs.

Know What Sells

Once you’ve tackled the more pressing concerns surrounding your property’s integrity, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff. This is where you should consider both what will bring your pleasure and what sells, even if you aren’t planning to put your house on the market any time soon. This is important to consider because adding inconvenient or overly personal details can make your home hard to sell if you need to move quickly.

Among the most popular renovations and improvements you might consider for your own home include:

  • Adding A Porch: When it comes to improving your home’s exterior appearance and function, porches are a popular and high-value choice for several reasons. First, a porch adds to the curb appeal of your property, meaning it’s more likely to catch the eye of passerby or potential buyers. From a functional perspective, though, porches are also a hit because they’re enjoyable, encouraging people to gather with friends and providing a place to store things like children’s toys.
  • Upgrade Your Garage Door: It’s not fancy or exciting, but older garage doors are strictly utilitarian, while many of the doors available today are much more stylish. For a more attractive exterior, consider a mid-century modern or farmhouse style door, depending on your home’s exterior. As an added bonus, garage door replacements have perhaps the greatest return on investment when selling your home because they’re relatively budget-friendly, while also being functional and appealing.
  • Add On A Deck: Much like a porch, adding a deck is an appealing and enjoyable home renovation. And while the return on investment at sale is a little lower than a garage door, in part because it’s more expensive, you’ll get that extra percentage back in pure, personal enjoyment. 

Because so much of the money we spend on home renovations is dedicated to need-to-do projects, rather than things we’d simply like to have, popular renovations don’t always equal the most common. After all, when your roof needs to be fixed or your windows replaced, you won’t allocate that money for putting in a patio or a pool. Still, whenever possible, it’s worth striking a balance. You deserve a home that’s beautiful and enjoyable, not just functional, and a great contractor will help you get there.