4 Simple Steps To Make Your Garage Usable Again

Wondering when you last parked your car in the garage? If your garage is full of things that you don’t need and is falling apart, you are probably thinking if you should fix it up or tear it down completely. Well, we have good news for you! Fixing your garage up to get some extra space can be done with some quick and easy tips.

To begin with, remove all that clutter from your garage. This definitely is the only hard part as you go through years of collection of unwanted items. Sell them, donate them or even better recycle them. Once you have a clear space, you can have an idea of what you can do to use that space. You will definitely be telling yourself how much potential that garage space of yours has!

Start with the Exterior

With constant exposure to the weather conditions, the exterior of your garage could appear shabby. Take a look at the outside walls and see how you can repair them. Give the exterior a good power wash to get rid of all the dust and soot on it. You might then need to remove the paint with a paint stripper and apply a fresh coat of paint. This will surely transform the look of your garage from the outside. Replace any rotting wood with a fresh one. You can check if the wood is rotting by inserting a pointy object in it. If it goes through easily then the wood has started rotting.

The garage door can be replaced or repaired. A functional garage door can not only provide safety for the things stored inside but give a sharp appearance to it. An electric door that is insulated will provide long-lasting durability and needs very low maintenance too.

Move On To The Interior

Now that you have a beautiful exterior of your garage that improves your curb appeal, it’s time to move on to the interiors. Again, start with a good power wash to get rid of any dirt or stains that might have been sitting there for long. If needed, then strip the paint on the inside walls and add a fresh coat of paint. One key point to look for on the inside is mold. Mould usually grows in dark and damp areas. If you have not used your garage for a long time then chances are there is mold growing inside. This could be dangerous for health too.

Once you have taken care of the paint and mold, it’s time to give a nice finishing look to the walls. To make sure you don’t fall back to cluttering, add a Slatwall from https://organyzedu.com/best-slatwall-system/ to give it a more modern yet organized look. A Slatwall can come in handy to have an organized way to put items in your garage. You can choose from the different types of Slatwall depending on your use as in if you want to use it to hang your tools and equipment or for hanging clothes. This will ensure you don’t clutter the floor again and have more space to use it effectively. What more, you could actually now have enough space in the garage to park your vehicle!

Finish it off with the Floor

You have your exterior and interior in shape and you are ready to move into your newly created den. Hang on a minute! To give it the final and long-lasting touch make sure you have given your attention to the garage floor too. Over time with use, there could be oil stains or other things that could have damaged the garage floor. Once again, a good powerwash will reveal the actual condition of the floor. If the floor shows signs of cracks then it is better to give it a thorough check to see if there’s a deeper underlying problem that might need attention.

If it is just hairline or minor cracks, you can easily repair concrete on the floor with patching compounds and give it a nice finish with the material of your choice.

Research Before You Begin

Right from checking the weather conditions (The paint will need dry weather) to how much time you can dedicate to revamp your garage, it is better to be prepared before starting a project. Give yourself some extra time to finish this project as there might be some delays if you forget something and need to redo it again or buy more hardware from the store.

Keep in mind, though this will need some muscle power and time from your side, you will definitely find the result worthwhile when you will get to use that extra space lying outside your house to its best!

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