3 Tips for Choosing Metal Roofing for Your Home

From a long lifespan to easy installation, there are numerous benefits to using metal roofing. If you want to take advantage of these aspects, you need to learn how to choose this particular feature for your home. Here is a guide to assist you: 

Find the Right Professionals

When replacing your roof, you will need to call in roofing professionals for the job, and it is best to speak to and hire these experts earlier on. Professionals can guide you through the entire process, from choosing materials, styles, and so much more. This will make your job a lot easier and allow you to move onto the replacement portion of the procedure that much sooner.

Top-notch companies such as City Seamless Roofing have a network for materials, labor, and more. This will guarantee that you get the best price for the project, while ensuring that you have access to high-quality materials that last longer.

As an added bonus, top roofing companies in Phoenix AZ are perfect for setting up roofs that are well-suited to the local climate. This means greater comfort for you as well as a reduced risk of future damage and deterioration. 

Know the Types of Metal Options

What many people don’t realize is that “metal” is a blanket term for this type of roofing. In reality, there are several types of metal roofing materials to choose from.

One of the more common materials is steel, and despite this term, you should be aware that this type of roofing often consists of a combination of materials, including alloys. It is traditionally known for its heft and sturdiness. 

Aluminum is one of the more affordable options and unlike steel, it isn’t prone to corrosion or rust. At the same time, it is softer, meaning that it will be more readily dented. Due to this, it isn’t well-suited to areas that are prone to hail or other extreme weather.

On the higher end of the spectrum, you have copper, alloy, and stainless steel. Nonetheless, these roofing materials are incredibly expensive. The upside is that they are quite durable and are aesthetically pleasing.

Selecting the Right Style for Your Home

If you assumed that metal roofing styles were rather simplistic, there are actually quite a few designs to select from. You can choose from sheets, shingles, and tiles. What’s more, there are different categories within these designs as well.

Apart from price and function, the main thing to consider with these styles is which is best suited to the design of your home. Consider the architectural tone and choose accordingly. Keep in mind that many of these tiles and shingles can be constructed to mimic slate and more traditional designs. 

Your final decision will be about the paint finish, which can protect the look and durability of your roof, particularly in harsher climates.

The main choices are PVDF and SMP. PVDF is typically used on higher-end metal roofing materials and is known for its excellent UV resistance and durability. SMP is used for cheaper materials, but has a 25-year warranty, although you may notice some fading after around a decade. 

These are the main guidelines to follow when choosing metal roofing for your home. Now that you have a better understanding of how to use this material, you can make an informed decision. In turn, you will be more satisfied with the end result.


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